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UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Tester TF328

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UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Tester, or UL94 Horizontal Vertical Burning Tester, is used to determine flammability test for fabric, and the burning performance of plastic, rubber, or film under the specified fire source to determine its fire resistance level. Not only for lighting equipment, household appliances, motors, tools, instruments, and other equipment, as well as electrical and electronic plastic or rubber products such as electrical connections and their component parts of the research, production, and quality inspection departments but also for insulation materials, engineering plastics, fire blocking materials type approval or other solid combustible materials industry.

UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Tester TF328 mainly be used to test for plastic parts of equipment and apparatus and configured with a gas flow meter to adjust the flame size, for simple and safe operation. It complies with UL HB, UL94, UL 94 V0, ISO 9772/9773, etc. The video of the UL 94 standard flammability test procedure is attached to this web page. And you can learn some flammability test standards and burn-in test standards.



Specification of UL94 Flammability Tester

Power220/110 V, 50/60 Hz
Net Weight90 Kg
Dimensions1060 mm * 740 mm * 1360 mm

Standards of UL94 Flammability Tester

UL 94 HB, UL 94 V0, UL 94 V1, UL 94 V2, UL 94 5VA
UL 94 5VB, UL 94 VTM-0, UL 94 VTM-1, UL 94 VTM-2, UL 94 HF-1
UL 94 HF-2, UL 94 HBF, ISO 9772, ISO 9773, ASTM D635,ASTM D3801,ASTM D4804,ASTM D4986
GB/T 2408, GB/T 8332,
(optional standards: ASTM D5207, IEC60695-11-3 Method A, IEC60695-11-4)

Features of UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Tester TF328

The flammability test chamber is constructed with X, Y, and Z axes that can be moved freely, making it easy for customers to position the specimen and track the flame during combustion.

ASTM D 5025 compliant burner with simple angle adjustment (0°, 20°, 45°) and precise gas control system including gas flow meter, pressure regulator, and pressure gauge.

Microcomputer control, high degree of automation, automatic recording of test time, automatic display of test results, automatic timing, automatic ignition, automatic alarm system, automatic return of Bunsen burner after the end of the flame application.Easy to do horizontal flammability test and horizontal burning test,flammability test.

Large space, clean operation. The flammability chamber is mounted on a stand with a large internal volume of 0.9m². In addition, this flame test chamber is equipped with internal lighting and an exhaust fan for the simple discharge of combustion products.

The well-designed door and window are made of tempered safety glass, which allows the specimen to be seen during the test. Fully adjustable horizontal and vertical specimen holders. So it is named horizontal flammability tester or vertical flammability tester as well.

Two access ports provide easy access to the chamber for moving the burner and specimen. One burner wing tip, and three digital test duration timers for accurate but simplified operation.

In addition, TESTEX offers flammability testers for a wide range of materials, which can perform vertical flammability tests, horizontal flammability tests, 45-degree flammability tests, glow wire flammability tests, etc. Our flammability testing equipment is safe and accurate enough to be your best assistant in the flammability test labs. Those flammability test apparatus comply with ASTM D1230, ISO 9772, ISO 15025, FTMS 191-5908, BS EN71-2:2006, ASTM D6413, UL HB, and other standards.

Know more about the UL94 Flame Test

UL94 flame ratings and test plan

UL94 can divide into 12 fire ratings: HB, V-0, V-1, V-2, 5VA, 5VB, VTM-0, VTM-1, VTM-2, HBF, HF1, HF2. Of these, VTM-0, VTM-1, and VTM-2 are suitable for plastic films and HBF, HF1, and HF2 for foamed materials.

HB ratingHorizontal Burning Test
V0-V2 ratingVertical Burning Test
5V ratingVertical Burning Test
RP ClassRadiant Panel Flame Spread Test
VTM0-VTM2Thin Material Vertical Burning Test
HF1-HF2Horizontal Burning Foamed Material Test

Five UL 94 horizontal and vertical burner tests

50W flame horizontal combustion test UL94 HB40, HB75 classification
50W flame vertical combustion test V-0, V-1, V-2 classification
500W flame burning test 5VA, 5VB classification
Horizontal burning HF-1, HF-2 and HBF classification for foam materials
VTM-0, VTM-1 and VTM-2 classification for vertical burning of soft specimens of film materials

Related Standards of UL94 Horizontal&Vertical Flammability Tester TF328

Horizontal flammability testUL HB, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC60707, ISO 1210, GB/T 2408
50W vertical flammability testUL94 V0, V1, V2, IEC60695-11-10, ISO 1210, GB/T 2408
500W vertical flammability test5VA, 5VB, IEC 60695-11-20, ISO 9770, GB/T 5169.17
Thin flexible material vertical flammability testVTM-0, VTM-1, VTM-2, ISO 9773
Cellular plastic material horizontal flammability testHF-1, HF-2, HBF, ISO 9772, GB/T 8332

TESTEX – a professional textile testing instrument supplier – UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Tester TF328 is on sale, contact us to get a detailed price quote.

11 reviews for UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Tester TF328

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UL 94 testing, is a common test in flammability testing labs and is used to test the UL flammability rating of plastics. The UL94 test chamber has two test modes, which respectively are horizontal flammability test and vertical flammability test. Detailed UL94 test methods are as follows.

FLAMMABILITY UL 94 V (50 W, 20 mm Vertical)


This vertical flammability test is to determine the UL flammability rating v0 and flammability rating v1 and v2. The test evaluation includes the burning time, afterglow time, and the dripping of the combustion test sample.
Flammability Testing Equipment

UL94 Flammability test chamber

  1. The relative humidity is 2 days/ 23℃/ 50%, and the hot air oven is 7 days/ 70℃.

  2. The flame height should be controlled to 20mm.

  3. The flame application time is 2×

  4. When the first burning time is over, the second flame application time begins.

UL flammability rating chart


 (Horziontal Burning)


The UL 94 horizontal burn test is a fire rating testing of material. Calculating the flammability rating for the burning rate of the specimen and taking the thickness into account.

UL94 Flame test chamber

  1. Control the experimental environment to 48 hours / 23°C / relative humidity.

  2. Adjust the flame height to 20mm.

  3. The ignition time is the 30s.

  4. If the flame front reaches the first mark within 30 s, the ignition should be stopped.


What Criteria to Consider when Using the Vertical Flammability Tester ( Flame Chamber) to Test the Flammability?

1. When making a sample, the sewn material must be the same as the material composition and size used for sewing garments and the same seam method. The trim used lengthwise should be stitched to the full width (shorter side) of the specimen, and the trim not used lengthwise should be stitched to the full length (longer side) of the test specimen. What Criteria to Consider when Using the Vertical Flammability Tester to Test the Flammability?

2. After drying the sample in the dryer, cooling time should not exceed 60 minutes.

3. When adjusting the flame length of the burner, the lighting of the extraction cabinet and the extraction fan should be turned off to dim the ambient light, and air should be turned off. After the flame length has been initially adjusted, it should be allowed to burn for a period of time before checking to ensure Flame length stability. When adjusting the position of the burner, the blue outer flame of flame should be brought into contact with the lower edge of the test specimen and the lower edge of the test specimen should be equally divided in order to ignite the test sample most effectively. Remove the sample from the dryer to start the ignition combustion. This must be completed within 45 seconds, if it is longer than 45 seconds, the sample must be re-dried and cooled before testing.

4. When carrying out the burning test, some materials will produce smoke with high toxicity. When the test is carried out, a gas mask, safety glasses and the like should be worn. When the burning of each sample is completed, an exhaust fan should be used to prevent excessive smoke that may harm and pollute the environment.

If you need fire retardant testing standards, please dont hesitate to contact us.

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    A: 50W, 500W refers to the burning power of the torch, which is generally designated by UL as the burning torch.

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