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Spray Rating Tester TF160

Spray Rating Tester, to determine the surface wetting resistance of fabrics, which may or may not have been given a water-resistant or water-repellent finish. Spray Rating Tester complies with AATCC 22, ISO 4920, EN24920, etc. Our Spray Tester is your best choice when you do spray test.



Spray Rating Tester, suitable for testing the wetting resistance performance of fabrics that whether be coated with a waterproof or water-resistant, water-repellent finish.

Spray rating tester consists of a metal framework allowing distilled water to be sprayed through a nozzle onto a test specimen at 45° and 150mm below the nozzle. This water repellency tester features in easy to use and consistent testing results.


  • Nozzle 19 holes of Dia 0.86mm
  • Angle of holder 45°
  • Holder 150mm, 150mm below the nozzle
  • Measuring Cup 250ml




Length:220 mmWidth:260 mmHeight:550 mm


ISO 4920AATCC 22

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    Spray Rating Test Method

    Test piece preparation:

    Test piece (Size: 18CM*18CM)

    Test procedure:

    • As AATCC 22 required, we put the test piece to the humidifying treatment more than 4 hours, which under the environment of standard temperature of21±1℃and relative humility of 65±2℃.

    • After the humidifying treatment, the test piece clamped by the holder on the support at a 45°, and we pure 50ml water into the funnel rapidly steadily in order to keep drenching constantly. When the water is used up, we can observe the test piece.

    • According to description of spray rating to assess its grade of wet but without the intergrade.

    Spray rating:

    Grade 1: All of the surface is wet.

    Grade 2: Half of the surface is wet. It usually means the sum of small and disconnected areas of wet.

    Grade3: Only small and disconnected areas of wet on the surface.

    Grade4: The surface appears water drop but not wet.

    Grade5: The surface is neither wet nor water drop.

    Test result:

    The test result should include the following message:

    1. The illustration of the test procedure according to the standard.

    2. Atmospheric conditions.

    3. Water temperature.

    4. Spray rating of each test piece.

    5. Experimental date.


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