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Sharp Edge Tester TT811

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Sharp Edge Tester, to determine whether accessible edges on toys or other products are likely to cause injury.



Sharp Edge Tester, a device to conduct the products sharp edges test, can determine whether accessible edges on toys or other products are likely to cause injury. A pressure-sensitive self-adhesive PTFE tape(to simulate human skin) is attached to a mandrel, which is then rotated for a single 360-degree revolution along the accessible edge being tested. If the tape is cut in half or longer in length (approx. 13 mm), the edge is identified as a hazardous sharp edge, on the other hand, the edge passes the test.
Toys intended for use by children under 8 years old are subject to this requirement before or after use & abuse testing.

Products have potential sharp points need determination, a sharp point tester will get the test done.


Included Accessories

  • Power adapter
  • Foot-switch

Optional Accessories

  • Teflon Tape


10 kg22 lb

Power/Air Source

220 V50 Hz


Length:300 mmWidth:200 mmHeight:200 mm
12 inch8 inch8 inch


ASTM F963 4.7EN 71-1 8.1116 CFR 1500.49ISO 8124-1 5.8
GB 6675 5.8

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    1. Lester III.

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    Test significance

    Toy sharp edge tester is used to test the sharp edge of children's toys, cars and other related products, and to assess whether the edge of toys has potential harm to children.Because the sharp edge specifications in different regions are not identical, there are sharp edge test ASTM that conform to ASTM sharp edges regulations, sharp edge test ISO that conform to ISO sharp edges regulations, etc., but the sharp edge test procedure is the same.

    Sharp edge test method

    1. Roll up a circle of TFE tape on the sharp edge tester test shaft with an overlap size of no more than 0.25 mm.

    2. Fix the sample so that the tested edges are immovable and bent.

    3. When the assembled toy can not be easily tested by touching the edge, the sample should be removed for testing, but if removed will affect its hardness, tools can be used to make it hard, but its supporting area should not be larger than that of the object being tested.

    4. Keep the angle is 90°±5 ° between the sharp point edge tester and the test edge.

    5. The contact point between the test edge and the gummed paper should be about the middle of the tape scheduling.

    6. The object being tested applies its least sharp position test.

    7. Adjust the sharp edge tester strength to 1.35LBS(6N).

    8. Apply force upward in the position of the rubber paper to make the light bright, while the test side end force is 1.35 LBS(6N).

    9. Start the sharp edge tester switch and rotate its axis around.

    10. Remove the gummed paper carefully not to expand its cutting size, measuring the length of the cutting.


    1. The sharp edge tester calibration should be done before the test.

    2. The edge to be tested shall be the touchable edge of the toy component determined by test.

    3. If the touchable edge of the toy as a whole cannot be tested, the toy's touchable edge should be removed for test separately.

    4. The key of sharp edge testing is how to fix the detected edge and ensure that the core axis is at right angle to the edge and there is no relative motion between the shaft and the edge in the test.

    5. During the rotation of the core shaft, the pressure on the core shaft should be kept stable.

    6. For children under 36 months of age, sharp edges on toys are not allowed; for children aged 37 to 96 months, sharp edges may exist on toys, but warning notes are required.

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