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Intertek engages over 100 Indian companies for REACH Registration

14 January 2009, New Delhi – Intertek, a leading provider of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation) has completed pre-registration for over 100 local companies ranging across industries in India. REACH compliance enables companies to continue their business in the EU market. This is one of the most comprehensive and far-reaching pieces of environmental legislations in the European Union (EU).

As per the REACH Regulation, all chemical substances that are manufactured in or imported in the EU in the quantity of more than 1 ton/year need to be registered with the EU Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The new law, which entered into force from 1June 2007,effects all manufacturers, importers, retailers, brand managers, distributors of chemical substances or products in the EU, across industries as wide as electrical and electronics, aerospace and automotive, metals, plastics, textiles / garments, accessories, toys & many other consumer goods industries.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Ruud Overbeek, Global Director – Health and Environmental Services Intertek said, “The impact of REACH on any product imported into or manufactured in the European Union should not be underestimated. Any company with products reaching the EU should urgently move to understand their REACH obligations to ensure business continuity. Intertek is working with a huge range of companies right now to help them understand and comply with their REACH responsibilities so that they see no disruption in European sales.”

“This regulation is complex and companies are coming to Intertek with a lot of concerns and questions regarding the staged deadlines and for help in meeting their requirements”, states Mr. Rajaram Kalpathi, Country Manager, Intertek Oil, Chemical Agri & Minerals. He also added, “We now also offer extended pre-registration options which are of great interest to companies wishing to enter the EU market because it provides the ability to sell into this economic region while immediately complying with the latest legislation”.

In addition, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recently published the list of 15 Substances of Very High Concern on October 28, 2008 generating immediate new needs for companies to review their supply chains and understand their duties regarding SVHCs. SVHCs are substances with properties known to be hazardous to human health and the environment, such as substances that cause cancer or genetic mutation or that are toxic to animals and plants. Companies must disclose the presence of any of these substances in their product to customers. Later, SVHCs may only be used in certain applications or products, under authorization by EU Authorities.

The pre-registration of chemicals began on 1 June 2008. The subsequent registration will be carried out over the course of 11 years in three stages, and ultimately unregistered substances will no longer be able to be produced or imported into the EU.

Intertek, the leading global provider of quality and safety solutions, offers a range of solutions to help companies comply with health and environmental laws and protocols. Intertek’s REACH process is tailored to the needs of companies and begins with defining responsibilities within an organisation’s operation for REACH on a company-wide level, and, for each substance under the scope.

As the next step, Intertek will align the compliance solutions for the REACH responsibilities with the customers’ strategic and commercial interests. Intertek then helps companies to collect and organize all required data, create the necessary pre-registration information packages for substances, and is able to submit the pre-registration to the ECHA on behalf of the company. Also, Intertek can offer a REACH certificate which provides assurance to a customer that a product has been reviewed by a third party for REACH compliance and offers traceability of compliance. The REACH certificate of compliance can be issued for a specific product, whether it is a shipment, product line, formulation, single preparation or article.

Intertek has conducted seminars and training for consumer goods industries and retailers like Monsoon Accessories, Next, Debenhams, Esprit, Li & Fung, Lindex, Walmart, Raymonds, Bombay Dyeing and Arvind Mills. Intertek is also closely associated with Bombay Chambers of Commerce & Industries, the Council of Leather Exports, IL&FS, Dyestuff Manufacturers Association of India, and the Export Promotion Council for handicrafts in India.

Intertek has extensive laboratory capacity providing comprehensive testing services for REACH and Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). Companies need access to testing services to determine their level of exposure and compliance position.

Due to the nature of global supply chains and manufacturing, when a new product quality, environmental or safety law is passed compliance obligations are often passed down the supply chain to their component or product suppliers. Companies and third-parties across the supply chain become involved in meeting the new regime and compliance demands along with the companies selling or introducing the products in a country, such as retailers and distributors. Intertek provides the compliance support along the supply chain when and where it is needed.

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