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Green dyes for polyester

17 August 2009, Frankfurt am Main – DyStar has announced the launch of a range of Dianix dyes for polyester. The company says that its new disperse dye selection which is available under under its econfidence program avoids chemical contamination issues and is ideal for meeting retailers RSL and ecolabel requirements as well as for colouration of recycled polyester.

Ecological issues are becoming increasingly important for retailers and consumers as well as textile manufacturers and DyStar’s econfidence initiative is aimed at controlling the chemical and environmental impact of products supplied to the textile industry and building supply chain partnerships for more sustainable textile production.

As a leading global supplier to the textile wet processing industry DyStar says it has for many years recognized the need to communicate on ecological issues to customers and has actively collaborated with other partners in the textile supply chain to minimize the environmental impact of the textile colouration process. As part of its econfidence program DyStar regularly analyses raw materials used in the manufacture of its products for chemical contamination.

Disperse dyes are often multi component mixtures and are one of the most critical of dyestuff classes with respect to chemical contamination. “DyStar has evaluated nearly 200 critical chemical components in its disperse dyes and of these, half are subject to regulatory control or retailer and ecolabel restrictions. We have a rigorous testing and compliance program in place to ensure that our customers can meet these limits”, says Dr. John Easton, DyStar’s Global Ecology Solutions Manager.

Using its expertise in this area, DyStar has identified a range of Dianix disperse dyes that will meet the specifications of leading brands and retailers’ RSL’s and ecolabels. “We believe this green range of Dianix dyes will provide a simple solution for dyers and printers who are struggling to meet the complex requirements of different RSL’s” says Steve Barron, DyStar’s Vice President of Strategic Marketing. The ‘green’ range of Dianix dyes is also ideal for use on recycled polyester fibers, DyStar says.

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