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Amazon Coat: A Quality Analysis of Explosion Orolay

Orolay  the Hottest

“What is Orolay to an American, Canada Goose is to a Canadian. (Canada Goose, Canada’s famous down jacket brand).” This is a comment from an American student on Orolay.

It is a Chinese down jacket produced in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. Last two years, it has unexpectedly favored by all the Americans in winter. Everyone can afford to buy this pretty and comfortable down jacket no matter they are rich or poor. They feel proud of that.

It has influenced not only on individuals engaging in electric business but on well-known creative celebrities and magazine editors in New York, who, become its loyal fans and relay traffic for it.

A few days ago, this women’s thickened down jacket has received more than 6,000 comments on  Amazon, of which more than 80% give 4 stars or 5 stars, and it has become the sales champion of  American clothing on Amazon. It is so popular that is sold out before being put on shelves. Because of its popularity, it has a beloved nickname “Amazon coat.”

It not only rivals big brands in function, but is more fashionable and practical, but its selling price is much cheaper, ranging from $99.99 to $139.99. Some buyers compare its selling price with the designer brands in their comments, whose selling price, like Canada Goose and Moncler, are generally more than $900.

So What Makes Orolay so Popular?

Once in research on the American market, the Orolay brand owner Qiu Jiawei, together with his team found out that many North American down jackets and outerwear are positioned as outdoor products. These products pay more attention to the waterproof property of fabrics and diverse functions and thus are unable to keep up with the trend of the times, not suitable for female beauty. For that reason, Qiu and his team deliberately added to Orolay fashion elements while keeping its quality and warmth.

The Orolay down jacket boasts multiple zips and pockets. The special design of side zippers is convenient for walking. It is fashionable in design, similar to the classic “cocoon-shaped” jacket while keeping its practical quality. Made up of soft and light fabrics, it is warm enough to wear, becoming the optimal choice for female beauty.

Qiu concludes that Orolay is a women’s brand registered in 2014, whose design and manufacturing are arranged in Jiaxing. This seemingly ordinary down jacket is powered by high-quality white down with 90% content of down cluster, reinforced by a soft lined hood our of synthetic sheepskin. Even in the bitter cold weather of minus 32 ° C, a down jacket with a bottoming shirt is enough!

In order to fully understand the meaning of Qiu’s words, we must figure out the significance of 90% white down and fill power white down brings for a down jacket.

Lets Uncover the Mystery of the Orolay Down Jacket

Just as its name suggests, a down jacket, of course, contains down inside. Down refers to the keratin fiber that is the warmest and the most comfortable part in a goose or duck’s body. Down can be subdivided into four types, white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down and gray duck down.

In general, white down, impermeable in colors, can be widely used in light-colored fabrics, but in effect, the difference in colors does not have much effect on the warmth and comfort of a down jacket. Under the same conditions, it takes 40 days for duck down to grow and become mature, but at least 100 days for goose down, so that’s why goose down performs better than duck down in terms of fluffiness and warmth and have a higher price.

In addition to extreme weather conditions, for example, when we stay in the Antarctic, the Arctic, or are climbing the snow mountain(the weather from minus 50 °C to minus 20 °C), therefore we need an extremely fluffy down jacket with a very high content of down. But in our daily life (the weather from minus 30 °C to minus 0 °C), we’d better choose goose or duck down with appropriate content of down and appropriate fill power to meet the demand for warmth.

The Orolay down jacket, according to the real living environment, selects 90% of the high-quality white duck down cluster in line with the requirement, which to some extent reduces the production cost, and ensures the warmth and practicality of down. Our use of 90% of down cluster shows that a down jacket we wear is not completely filled with down, but by down and feathers in a certain proportion. From here a concept should be mentioned, that is down content, referring to the percentage of down accounting for in a down jacket. If the down content of a down jacket reaches 90%, it means that 90% of a down jacket is and the rest of 10% is feather.

Generally speaking, a down jacket cannot be called a true “down jacket” if the down content is less than 50%. Under the same conditions, the higher the down content is, the warmer a down jacket is and the higher its price is.

Of course, the quality of the Orolay down jacket depends on not only its high down content of 90%, but also on its “fill power”. So what is it? It is the volume of the down per unit of weight. It is enough to wear a down jacket with fill power of 700 in normal temperature, fill power of 800 or 900 in extremely cold areas.

Fill power is the most important indicator to determine the quality of a down jacket. For the same down content and down in weight, the higher it is, the larger the down cluster is. Therefore, such fill content will make progress in the warmth and comfort, which ensures the higher quality of down. Due to the Orolay down jacket has a high down content, down stores more air than other fibers in its fiber space. Air doesn’t conduct heat and so heat generated by the body is enclosed, so the heating effect of a down jacket is reinforced.

After conducting scientific research on the market and environment, Orolay aims to follow the fashion style and meet the objective needs of warmth and works hard to test the down-proof capability and fill power of down-garment in scientific methods, so as to guarantee the quality of all down jackets that consumers buy. In this way, it can continuously improve its product competitiveness to have a firm foothold in the market for market recognition.

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