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TESTEX’s Year-end Party in 2018 was Held Smoothly

On Jan. 26, TESTEX’s 2018 Annual Meeting was held successfully in the workshop of our factory. Everyone was dolled up and all the staff volunteered their time, the party would not be successful without them.

The whole afternoon was packed with fun and excitement. At the beginning of the meeting, the managers of each department made a year-end review, looking back at the past and looking forward to the future. All the employees were highly inspired. Moreover, one of the highlights of this event was the giving of employee awards. It was inspiring to witness how the company recognized the employees’ hard work and dedication.

Then came to the performance link, including funny drama, poetry recitation, pleasant singing as well as elegant dance. There are also some prize draw and little funny games, which added much spices to the party.

After the party, our company went to the Nile Grand Hotel for a lavish buffet with a wide variety of international cuisine. We got together to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival in advance.

TESTEX believes that the year-end party is a great way to strengthen ties with employees, emphasis and showcase corporate culture and celebrate the accomplishments of a team. As we unit as one, TESTEX’s future will be better!

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