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TESTEX Fast Facts: COVID Vaccination and Build a Great Wall of Immunity

In order to reduce the risk of employees contracting the Covid virus and consolidate the results of vaccination work, according to the national and provincial requirements for vaccination against the Covid. TESTEX actively responds, organizes and guides the organization of the Covid vaccination on the basis of the employees’ informed, voluntary and consent.

May 12, 2021, 8:00 am,
A bus carrying 23 employees departed from the company to the centralized vaccination site in Wanjiang Street.

Although it was everyone’s first time to get the vaccine, everyone was confident in the country’s vaccine.

The company’s leaders took the lead in responding and encouraged employees to vaccinate by taking practical actions.

After the vaccination, everyone waited for more than half an hour in the observation area to make sure there were no adverse reactions before leaving. Up to now, no one was found to be unwell, and everyone felt the greatness of the motherland deeply.

By organizing vaccination activities, TESTEX provides a strong guarantee for the production of the company and the health of the employees.

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