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How we can easily detect the Face or Back Side of a Fabric properly?

When the fabric is laid down on a cutting table then it is sometimes feels to us troublesome to detect properly the face or back side of fabric. Sometimes it feels very difficult to mark out. The face side is the upper side of a fabric that will show the appearance of a fabric. And the back side is the inner side of a fabric. So the buyer can choose that what type of side he/she will be using as the face side.

However, there are some criteria from where we can easily identify the right or face side of a fabric.

1. In case of the brushed or peach fabric the face side is generally peached or brushed.
2. The face side of a fabric will be clearer and softer than the back side.
3. In case of textured fabric the texture will be more visible in the face side.
4. Twill lines will be more visible on the face side of the fabric.
5. If any special finishing agents is used than it is generally are used in the face side. So the face side of a fabric seems too distinct.
6. Fabrics with fancy design have smoother weaves on the face side. On the other hand in fancy fabric the back side of this becomes loose.
7. Face side of a fabric will be more shiner than the back side of a fabric.

By above these tips I hope one can easily detect the back or face side of a fabric.

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