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History of Textile | Stepwise Description of Textiles History

Before giving a description on textiles history we should first know what is textiles?

Well, Textiles is a technique by which a fabric is made by using the warp and weft yarn. Textiles are not only produced by weaving it, but also it is made by knitting or felting the fibers and yarns. Textile is basically a Latin word which came from “Texere” and it means “To Weave”.

In order to brief the history of textiles we have to go back when the civilization was initiated. When the people started to think that we shouldn’t stay nude. We should cover our secret bodies by using something. From that time the textiles history began. Day by day, peoples tried to make something comfortable. Imagine, at the initial time of human civilization, peoples worn husk and leaves of trees to cover their under body. But later they tried to invent something different that is more easy to use and more stable.

In this way, the days were continued and the peoples were trying their best to excavate something regarding to textiles. After having lots of attempts, just before the 7th Century of BC (Before Christ) people were succeed to discover the fiber. It was the turning point of textiles history. Research said that, peoples successfully made a cloth to wear just before 500000 years ago.
At the beginning time of textiles history, the Needle was made by using the wood and various natural hard sticks. But later, just before the 40000 years ago the sewing needle has been started to make which was quite good for sewing cloth.

In China the textiles was firstly spread and later it expanded in Indian Subcontinent and Africa. Research said, wool and silk fiber was firstly invented before the cotton fiber. And all of the fibers were available on the Indian Subcontinent and the Arabian merchant’s trades with these cloths and they exported these to various European country.

In the hand of Silk fibers and silk cloth revolutions a Silk Road was created for the first time of the history of textile. This road was a trade road where the merchants from the China, Egypt, Indian Subcontinent, Arab, Persia and Rome were interconnected with their Textile Business issues.

Then, the people started to do something with the textiles. They started to use it according to its versatile using capabilities. It is worth mentioning that peoples started to make their own cloths with their own design and a classical era of textiles was started.

Then, slowly the cloths and fabrics are being developed. A lot of new fibers like Glass, Bamboo and other man made fiber were produced. And by using these fibers some exclusive fabrics are being developed which has taken our world to a new fashionable world which is really significant and gorgeous.

It’s all about the History of Textiles and textiles history is still going. After 100 years, today’s textile will be a history……so history is on-going process. If I live after 100 years (Inshallah), I will definitely update this page.

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