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GTTC & ChiuVention: Discussing Intelligent Testing on Textiles

On 29th August, Chen Bujing, Marketing Director of Guangzhou Testing Technology Development Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited ChiuVention, which is our new brand. GTTC is the largest and most authoritative textile laboratory in China and also the largest in the world. Forrest Chiu, General Manager, and Alvin Li, R & D Director of ChiuVention extended a warm welcome and reception. Forrest Chiu introduced to Director Mr. Chen and his entourage the company’s development results in the field of intelligent digital, and how the intelligent textile laboratory SmarTexLab for textile enterprises and third-party testing agencies to speed up, and thus optimize supply chain management and improve economic efficiency.

This visit is to come to the depth of the discussion of intelligent textile instrumentation solutions, in-depth cooperation, and jointly empowering the detection of new technologies to help the entire textile testing industry and textile laboratory digital upgrade. It can be seen that ChiuVention in the field of textile instrument intelligence has been highly recognized by the industry, has attracted the supply chain, brand owners, and testing institutions to cooperate.

Guangzhou Testing Technology Development Co. is a comprehensive technical service organization that integrates the inspection and testing resources of the Group, explores the upstream and downstream markets of inspection and testing, and focuses on laboratory automation, intelligence, informatization, rapid testing technology, testing instruments, specimen consumables, and quality compliance. As the hub of the technology research and development system of GTTC Group, GTTC insists on the tenet of “independent research and development, continuous innovation, in-depth customization”, exerts its professional and technical advantages, promotes the upgrading and iteration of the inspection and testing technology, provides technical services for the efficient development of the industry, and progresses gradually towards the first-class high-tech institutions.

Director Mr. Chen expressed great concern and interest in the digital intelligent solutions of ChiuVention and believed that the current third-party testing organizations attach great importance to the performance of textile testing instruments. SmarTexLab’s intelligent instruments and solutions can be comprehensively intelligent laboratory systems, data can be information-based management, which will greatly save operating costs, improve the efficiency and transparency of textile testing, and thus lead the intelligent upgrading of the testing industry. Then we jointly experienced SmarTexLab’s newest product, SmarTexLab.

Let’s explore SmarTexLab together!

Afterward, we experienced the intelligent textile laboratory and a series of intelligent testing instruments together. ChiuVention’s SmarTexLab system can be connected to the LIMS of the testing organization’s laboratory, and the operating status and data of all testing instruments are presented in the system in real-time, which makes the laboratory testing more transparent, and the testing process can be traced back, and the test results can be retained automatically.

ChiuVention has gained a good reputation over the past ten years in serving third-party testing organisations such as BV, SGS, Intertek and sports brands such as Andromeda, NIKE, Adidas, Decathlon, etc. Now, ChiuVention is the first one to launch the smart lab system and smart instruments in the international digital era, and in the near future, through the close cooperation with the major international and domestic fashion brands, ChiuVention will surely help traditional textile labs to upgrade to digital intelligence, and then lead the way in the digitalisation of textile labs. In the near future, through close cooperation with major international and domestic fashion brands, it will help upgrade the traditional textile laboratory to digital intelligence, and then lead the textile and apparel in the forefront of technology and fashion.

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