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TESTEX’s Chinese New Year Party

On January 30, 2021, December 18 of the lunar calendar, we will gather in Dongguan Wanjiang to celebrate the annual meeting. Guests, suppliers, colleagues and family all gathered here.

The annual meeting started with the sign-in, there were splendid shows, awards, and so many lotary gifts and cash gifts.



This day is sunny and bright, with breeze and warmth. Looking up, the sky is vast, and looking down, there are so many things on the table, BBQ like grilled oysters, grilled chicken legs, chicken wings, grilled pork belly, grilled vegetables, grilled mushrooms, various grilled skewers…There are dozens more Desserts, and hotel meals offered b hotel, not to mention drinks such as  wine, beer, various beverages…From afternoon to evening, there are waves of WeChat red envelopes, song after song With the advent of night, the atmosphere of the annual meeting has reached its peak. We enjoyed eating, drinking and having fun, it was really happy!

Happy in the past, clean up the venue, every thing were back to the normal, this grand event has been engraved in the minds of every participant, and will accompany us again on the journey of the new year, towards a better tomorrow!

Thanks to the company’s great investment, the hard work of the administration and conference team partners, and the vigorous cooperation of various departments, and once again experienced the power of a strong team.

And we apprieated the great pandemic preventing work done by Chinese Government, so we were able to have this meeting since the pandemic is under controled.

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