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Spain Customer Visited TESTEX for a solution

When would you consider to get a brand new solution? Probably when you get held by some problems, and you find the existed solutions just can not save you out. This is the exact situation our Spain customer met and which brought them to visit TESTEX.

Here is the trouble:

They found the yarn they use is too slippy to be held on firmly by the clamp, so they have trouble to get the accurate strength results.

For this visiting, we met Mr. Diaz, who represents PONSA Spain, Mr. Asier Bideguren, Mr. Tan, who represents PONSA Dongguan Branch. PONSA is one of the earliest textile enterprises in Europe(Established in 1828), producing curtain belt, mattress belt, elastic belt, industrial sling, seat belt, fastener, tensioner, high strength PP yarn, all these products have strict requirements of accurate and reliable yarn strength testing results.

Having studied and evaluated all available product brands in the market, PONSA has decided to select TESTEX’s product and service, Particularly Lean Strength Tester has been chosen, since it solves the problems they have.

Photos at TESTEX

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