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Medical masks, as an important branch of protective masks, can be subdivided into disposable medical masks, medical-surgical masks, medical protective masks, specific to the applications, you might be familiar with medical masks like dental masks, hospital masks, doctor masks, nurse face masks, all these are not normal sanitary masks, these medical masks should all be sterilized for these medical scenarios.

Disposable medical masks, single-use medical face masks, are for less risky medial environment protective purpose, suitable for patients and accompanying family members who come to the hospital for medical treatment, and patients and accompanying staff who are admitted to the hospital for basic quarantine protection and renting to prevent cross-infection in densely populated places such as hospitals; This kind of face masks for sickness are can only be used for one time, should be discarded after use;

Surgical masks, as you can tell from the name, are for surgeons, so they also called surgeon masks, designed to use in surgical procedures, the main purpose is to help reduce particles expelled by doctors, nurses(the wearers) into the sterilized surgical environment, so to protect the patient and also protect the wearers who contacting the surgery from being affected by the potential fluid splashed by the patients, therefore, fluid resistance is required for surgical masks. Surgical masks always come with white color, there are seldom black surgical masks, and because of its specific wearing scenario, surgical maks are all disposable masks, not reusable.

And surgical mask can be subdivided to different types, from the protecting level, you will hear surgical N95 respirators, N95 surgical masks, N95 is a level for the USA, and in China, there are KN95 surgical masks, in Japan, they Japanese surgical masks, and etc.

While for protective medical masks, these are supposed to be the highest protection level for medial use.

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