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Report: India Textile and Apparel Trends 2009

8 September 2010, Manchester – Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “India Textile and Apparel Trends 2009″ report its offering. The following is a report summary provided by the vendor:

Report Summary:
India’s relationship with textiles began as early as 3000 B.C with the use of organic dyes and block prints. Even today, intricate hand weaving, delicate embroideries and richness of fabric like Indian silk and satin attract people from all over the world. According to the authors estimates India’s textile and apparel sector equals USD 54 billion currently (both domestic and exports).

This is expected to grow to USD 158 billion by 2020. With many trading restrictions being removed, technological advancements, availability of multi-fibre based raw material, well established production bases, design capabilities, knowledgeable and skilled labour and various government initiatives, India is poised for tremendous growth in this sector.

The Indian Textile and Apparel industry is also experiencing rapid changes and growth following increased consumption. Apparel, today, has the largest share of the modern organized retail in India. Consumers are now pampered with a wide variety in apparel and modern format stores. Increasingly, international and local brands and attractive discount sales are trying to woo the Indian consumers away from traditional stores, the tailor and the large unorganized market.

With growth comes challenges and demands and it will be interesting to see, what the industry is like today, what are the latest trends in textile and apparel retailing, who are the current and emerging players, what garments occupy the consumers wardrobe, what they wear on what occasion, what they are buying, from what format stores and also what consumers feel, need and think about apparel.

This report provides an understanding of the Textile and Apparel consumer, the industry status and latest trends in the world of apparel. More specifically:

An insight into the Indian consumer in terms of their relationship with apparel and their purchase behaviour, needs and attitudes

This report will serve as a resource book for current players and those companies entering the arena of Textiles and Apparel in India.

  • A snapshot of their apparel shopping habits vis-a-vis the retail scenario today
  • An insight into the industry dynamics with respect to supply chain challenges
  • Information on government initiatives
  • A snapshot of future trends
    Key Topics Covered:
    Section 1 – Textile and Apparel Industry In India: An Industry Outlook
    Section 2 – The Indian Man
    Section 3 – The Indian Woman
    Section 4 – Impact Of Modern Formats On Apparel Shopping For Men And Women
    Section 5 – The Indian Child
    Section 6 – Distribution And Supply Chain Challenges
    Section 7 – Government Initiatives For Growth And Related Impact
    Section 8 – Impact On Retail Industry And Directions

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