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Business focus on rich potential of textiles

6 October 2009, Bolton – Entrepreneurs, businesses and academics have been networking at the University of Bolton, exploring the future of the textiles industry. More than 150 businesses were represented at the event which looked at how the North West could build on its textiles industry heritage and what advantages could be gained from exploring partnerships in countries such as India.

Transforming the Textiles Landscape: Past, Present and Future, was hosted by businessman and Fellow of Entrepreneurship at the University, Imran Hakim, on Thursday 1 October, with the Next Generation UK India Network, part of the UK India Business Council.

Speakers from the University, UKIBC, The India Entrepreneurs, North West Development Agency and NWTexnet gave presentations. They covered the industry’s history, position today, potential for growth and the impact of globalisation as well as innovations being developed for the future, by groups such as the University’s Centre for Materials Research and Innovation. The University has a world-class reputation for its materials research.

Professor of Textile Science, Dick Horrocks, gave his audience a 10-minute whistle-stop tour through the industry’s history and close association with Bolton while Professor of Technical Textiles, Subhash Anand gave a case study presentation on a new generation of knife-proof clothing designed for the police, armed forces and security personnel.

The event also included a panel discussion with representatives from North West-based as well as International companies, including Tarameen, Eternity Clothing, Baltex, Smartlife Technology, Future Textiles, Premier Textiles and Helston Forensics.

Said Imran: ‘Due to the historical and economic importance of the textile sector in the North West region there has been unprecedented interest amongst individuals operating in the textiles industry, which helped shape the evening into a lively and engaging and extremely informative networking event.’

‘This is the first of a series of events that aims to bring together various networks in order to inspire, inform and help entrepreneurs innovate. The aim is to help some of the “movers and shakers” in their respective fields engage with the wider business community.’

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