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Anta & ChiuVention: How Smart Textile Testing Speeds Up Superbrands

On July 28, 2023, Mr. Zhang, Gore leader of the Quality Management Department of Anta Group, and his delegation visited ChiuVention, which is TESTEX’s New brand.

ChiuVention, formerly known as TESTEX founded in 2010, is registered in Europe, the United States, and China, specializing in textile, footwear, and apparel intelligent testing instruments, headquartered in Dongguan, China, and sold through a global agent network in 42 countries and regions. In 2020, ChiuVention started the intelligent transformation and launched the new brand globally with SmarTexlab and the fully upgraded smart textile instruments at ITMA2023 in Milan, Italy. At ITMA2023, ChiuVention’s revolutionary and innovative instrumentation and SmarTexLab system gained great attention from industry benchmark brands such as Adidas, Decathlon, and relevant research institutes, universities, and standards organisations.

Forrest Chiu, General Manager of ChiuVention, warmly welcomed the visit of Mr. Zhang and gave an in-depth introduction to the company and SmarTexLab, a smart textile laboratory system. Mr. Zhang from Anta Group recognized the brand image and series of smart textile testing instruments of ChiuVention and believed that SmaTexLab is of great significance to large-scale textile brands and supply chains, which is conducive to improving the efficiency and transparency of textile testing and enhancing the trust between brands and supply chains.

At the same time, Anta attaches great importance to consumer demand and experience, and it has been committed to bringing consumers high-quality and ultra-comfortable sports shoes and apparel. It strongly emphasizes quality management in the supply chain, so Anta hopes that textile testing instrument manufacturers can have more innovative, more forward-looking solutions, such as providing testing with a more realistic simulation of the human body experiencing the comfort of the textile. Anta is also interested in the testing methods that combine with the use of clothing scenarios. Moreover, Anta is highly concerned about smart testing instruments and solutions that can be fully customized, especially simpler and more practical instruments and solutions that allow the supply chain to get started quickly.

Forrest Chiu, the General Manager of ChiuVention, mentioned that Anta is consumer-oriented, ChiuVention is Anta-oriented. What Mr. Zhang of Anta Group mentioned is what ChiuVention has been practicing, from the first day we founded our brand, we have been benchmarking against world-class testing instrument brands, with the aim of developing smart, easy-to-use and reliable series of instruments, and we can feel the technological intelligence and minimalist humanistic side from our brand image and product design. The SmarTexLab allows for the streamlining of traditionally cumbersome testing processes and the realization of efficient and digitized management of series testing. ChiuVention is also eager to have more in-depth discussions with Anta to provide more smart testing solutions to meet the latest needs of super brands and the market.

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