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Overview of Textile Test Standards The method of testing and evaluating the properties of textiles are different in each country or region, and the detection method and the test standard…

Button Snap Pull Tester TF145

Button snap pull tester TF145

Button snap pull tester, to determine the holding or breaking strength of prong-ring attached snap fasteners onto garments or toys, also as a button pull tester applies for compression and tensile testing of small samples(special attachments are available). The button pull test standard includes ASTM F963, EN 71-1, etc. Snap tester will help you a lot when you do push and pull test. Come and contact us for more information about fastener pull tester.

Toy Small Part Tester TT820

Toy Small Part Tester TT820

Toy Small Part Tester, to define whether an object of toy is small part, intended to minimize the hazards from choking, ingestion, or inhalation to children under 36 months of age created by small objects.
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