Which carrier do you use?

We usually use DHL, TNT, UPS, and FEDEX to transport our goods.

What is the content of your Product Warranty?

12 months warranty, free spare parts for 12 months also.

Do you provide any guidance in your training materials?

We will provide manuals of every instrument. And we can send you the video of how to use the instrument or we can show you via video chat. We will help you until solving out all the problem.

What types of certificates can you provide?

We can provide every instrument with Certificate of Quality and Certificate of Calibration, sometimes we can also provide Certificate of Origin (CO) or Conformite Europeenne (CE) Certification or so on according to the export areas. For more information, please ask for our sales: [email protected]

Are there any standards that people use to compare against?

Different instruments have different standards. And one instrument may have one or several standards. And about the standards that people use to compare against, there are no exactly answers because it is related to the demand of customer. For example, some customers need the test results which conform to the international certification standards like ISO, or their own country standards like GB in China and JIS in Japan, etc. There are standards for our every instrument in its introduction. And the standards we write on it means that the instrument can accord with them.

Do you have any information on how to correctly interpret the output from these testings?

The interpretation of the output data is related to which standard you need. Every standard have different evaluation of the test result. So you should make sure which standard you use, and then interpret the data with the evaluation of the standard.