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What Is Waterproof, Breathable Fabric & Biological, Chemical Protective Clothing

In this modern era where peoples are busy with the advanced technology and works; there might have some risk of working if anyone are in the risky production firm like Sea or Chemical Industry. So what the solution of that kind of risky works; as we must have to do these without any consideration?

Well, the Water Proof and breathable Fabric and Biological, Chemical Protective Clothing can save us from these kinds of problems. These kind of Technical textiles are really useful in this kind of case.

Water Proof Breathable Fabric
This fabric has the combination of two important qualities. i.e. it has both water proof and breathable quality. Waterproof fabric completely prevents the penetration and absorption of liquid water. The term breathable implied that the fabrics are actively ventilated. Thus water proof breathable fabric prevents the penetration of liquid water from outside to inside the clothing yet permits the penetration of water vapor from inside the clothing to the outside atmosphere. Example: Golf Suit.

Biological & Chemical Protective Clothing
This fabric has the combination of two important quantities like it has both the property of Biological protective implied that this protect. The fabric comes from Biological agents. Example: Several biological agents are Bacteria, Virus etc. Chemical agents are phosphorofluoridates, phosphorylyamides. Example: Mod-acrylic Fabric.

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