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What do you mean by sublimation?  


Sublimation is the phenomena of a solid immediately converting into a gas state, without once becoming a liquid. You may not think about what happens to your clothing when it experiences sublimation, but your textiles meet up with sublimation quite frequently—imagine a snowflake landing on your sweater and then creating that steam effect we frequently see when the weather gets chilly. Sublimation is also used to apply many of the cute decorations we see on t-shirts and other trendy clothing. The artwork is applied to the shirt using the power of sublimation, so that the clothing has the decorations added without any extra weight or weird looking thickness. It has become a very popular way to bring new life to the clothing industry, but it comes with its share of concerns for the people who are sending new designs out into the world. That cute design may not look so cute after it has been through an ironing attempt or some other damaging experience.


If you are in the business of textiles, including clothing and other items made out of cloth, it is well worth checking to make sure the colors you have worked so hard to apply to your clothing stay there. You can check to see how well your textiles can maintain their color by using a machine that tests for color fastness like those cute t-shirts we mentioned early. By putting a small sample of a fabric into a sublimation machine, you can test for everything from how chlorine will effect your product to how the textile will handle scorching.


The machine works by applying heat from one or both heating elements to the precise heat you need in order to check for different forms of color fastness. As an example, for scorching you would need one heating element, and for sublimation you would need both. Alarms let you know when the process is complete, and you can then remove the fabric and examine the results. Testing for color fastness for certain items is critical, for example when you have a cute red star on an otherwise white shirt. You wouldn’t want the lines getting blurred and have a ton of poor reviews complaining about your t-shirts!


Color fastness testing is an extremely important part of quality control for manufacturers. You need to be able to know if ironing will damage that expensive new outfit a customer has purchased, or if the colors will bleed at the first test of its nature. By testing your products before they come out, you can deliver appropriate warnings to your customers, or make necessary changes to your product line to avoid embarrassing mistakes.


If you’re concerned about the reputation of your sublimated t-shirt or other textile, consider buying a sublimation and scorch testing machine. You’ll save a lot of money in lost revenue over time, and you’ll get something else just as important—peace of mind. A color fastness tester is easy to use and will get you on the road to success.


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