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Visits to Spain Customers after the ITMA Exhibition

The ITMA has ended on Wednesday, June 26,

During the Exhibition, TESTEX has exposure itself to many new customers, with whom we discussed their practical needs for textile testing from their daily business.

testex itma exhibition

But short dialogues only gave us limited information about them, if we want to deliver better support and service, we need more.

That’s why we scheduled several customer visits after the exhibition, and we got a lot more than expected:

  • The new testing challenges they meet for their textile testing, new technology new trends
  • Their thoughts about instruments they already have, positive feedback or improvement they expect
  • Future plans

visit to our agent in spain itma

Visit to our agent in Spain

Visit to Citel

Citel, a family-owned & managed company with a long tradition (since 1875),They manufacture specialized technical fabrics for solar protection.

Citel’s products are exported to more than 50 developed countries and evaluated as unbeatable quality, resistance, and durability.

“How could they continue to bank on quality and innovation to remain market leader in such a competitive industry?” Here are the 3 major factors we learned:

  1. Vertically integrated business, from spinning to finishing, all stages are controlled
  2. Not delocalized, all solar protection fabrics are manufactured in Spain.
  3. Laboratory testing and rich industrial data, all raw materials undergo the strictest quality control testing; data collected make constant improvements possible.

During the visit tour, we also learned that laboratory investments have played a more and more important role in their business’s success, which can be dated back to 10 years ago.

To cooperate with a company which has high quality in their gene would definitely reinforce our improvement on TESTEX instrument’s quality and high level of service. We can’t wait to see the day when we are recommended by Citel as their testing instruments partner.

Nobody will deny that understanding our customers better is the key to giving them good service which in return results in strong customer relationships.

But it should not be just a slogan written on the wall, we need to put it into action, and door to door visiting and face-to-face communication is an important way you can make that happen.

Ok, what about next?

TESTEX will put the first-hand information we gathered from our customer visiting to our to-do list, hopefully, they will have a positive influence on two topics:

  • New testing technology Research and Development which will result in either redesign on existed instruments or brand new models.
  • Improvement of efficient communication with our customers, pre-sales, after sales.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!

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