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The Use of Temperature Humidity Chamber in Manufacturing Product Testing

In the manufacturing industry, the stability of products under various temperature and humidity conditions is the key to quality control. Temperature humidity chamber is one of the most common environmental control instruments that can quickly test the performance stability of various materials or products.

★ What is a Temperature Humidity Chamber?

Temperature humidity chamber, also known as environmental test chamber or climatic chamber, is common environmental simulation systems and devices in laboratories and factories. In common experimental tests, temperature and humidity can have a continuous effect on objects. So by simulating natural environments such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity and dryness, temperature humidity chamber can test the performance of materials or products in a variety of environments (hot or cold, dry or wet), while preserving the material in the specified environment.

humidity Chamber

Structural features

  • The chamber has a beautiful and generous shape and adopts a non-reactive handle, which is easy to operate and reduces the damage to the handle.
  • The inner chamber is made of high-grade stainless steel SUS304, and the outer chamber is made of baked-on steel, which is more durable.
  • Adopt a PLC microcomputer system to control temperature and humidity, accurate and reliable, programmable.
  • Large observation window, equipped with lighting to keep the chamber bright, at any time to clearly observe the situation inside the box.
  • It is equipped with an independent temperature alarm system, which will automatically interrupt the operation when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure the safe operation of the test without accident.
  • The insulation layer is polyurethane integral foam for corrosion resistance and durability, and the door is closed with magnetic tape for precise temperature and humidity control.
  • Available in a relative humidity range of (20%~98%)±2 and a temperature range of (-70℃~150℃)±0.5℃.

★ The Use of Temperature Humidity Chamber in Manufacturing Product Testing

The temperature humidity chamber can accurately simulate low temperature, high temperature, high temperature humidity, low temperature humidity and other complex natural environments, so as to detect the cold resistance, heat resistance, dry resistance and moisture resistance of products, and to improve the products to make them more durable.

humidity test chamber

In detail, daily production and life, electronics, electrical, communication, instruments and vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical, aerospace, sanitary products and other product quality testing require the use of temperature humidity chamber to help people produce and experiment.

1 Electronic, electrical, semiconductor, communication and instrumentation industries

The electronics, semiconductor, electrical, communication and instrumentation industries all require fine electronic components, which are quite demanding in terms of temperature and humidity conditions. For example, common circuit boards, the ability to meet the required temperature is an important point. This is because, for every 10℃ increase in ambient temperature, component life is reduced by approximately 10% to 30%.

Tapes, disks and CDs begin to show damage when they are exposed to temperatures consistently above 37.8℃ and are completely damaged when the temperature is consistently above 65.6℃.

Batteries are the most sensitive devices to ambient temperature, with life decreasing by 50% for every 10℃ rise in operating temperature from 25℃. Likewise, when the operating temperature is below 25℃, the battery discharge capacity decreases as the temperature drops.

Although glass substrates and polarizers and filters for LCDs are cleaned and dried during the production process, they are still affected by moisture after they have cooled down, which reduces the product qualification rate. Therefore after cleaning and drying, they must be in a dry environment with 40% RH humidity.

So whether it is the preservation of electronic components, magnetic media, or semiconductors, LCD production, etc., the temperature humidity chamber is a very important instrument.

2 Medical, biopharmaceutical industry

In medicine, medical thermostats are mainly used for the storage and transportation of drugs and reagents, vaccines, blood refrigeration and insulation, heating of dialysis fluid, heating of physiological saline, etc. In the biopharmaceutical industry, the temperature humidity chamber can provide a stable temperature and humidity environment, simulating various climatic conditions, especially suitable for sample stability experiments, long-term tests, balance experiments to determine the stability and life of drugs, etc.

3 Sanitary products industry

The most important material used in sanitary products such as sanitary napkins and nappies is breathable film. Qualified breathable films are breathable and non-stuffy when used, do not leak when absorbing liquids, and are comfortable and safe when in contact with the human body without causing allergies or other harm. The moisture permeability is a key indicator of whether a breathable film is qualified or not.

4 Automotive industry

As an everyday means of transport, cars are exposed to a wide range of temperatures, humidity, pressure and altitude. Automotive components, paints and coatings are subjected to very rigorous tests to determine their compliance.

High temperatures, cold, heat and humidity or just the elements, most automotive components are subject to a wide range of environmental influences throughout their life cycle. These environmental factors can affect their function or appearance and consequently shorten their service life. In addition, these components are repeatedly subjected to severe mechanical loads during their daily use and must be safe and reliable even under extreme conditions.

As a result, different automotive components and materials are subjected to demanding durability tests to determine their resistance to environmental influences and temperatures. The temperature humidity chamber is used to test the effects of temperature and humidity environments on automotive components.

In addition, temperature humidity chamber is also widely used in laboratories, generally for plant culture, breeding tests, bacterial and microbial culture, fermentation, various constant temperature tests, environmental tests, water analysis, BOD determination, denaturation tests of microbial culture substances and storage of items such as culture media, serum and drugs. The temperature humidity chamber is also frequently used in agricultural research, environmental protection and other research applications.

If you wish to use the temperature humidity chamber smoothly, then the quality of the test chamber, the manufacturer’s after-sales service, technical conditions are very important factors and are indispensable. The TESTEX company has a professional technical research and development team and after-sales service, which ensures the reliability of the test instrument from all aspects.

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