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Mask Manufacture Machines-TESTEX Mask Machinery Stable Running, Continuous Return!
Mask Machinery Select Guide
General Rules for Mask Machinery
Mask machinery is a medical device for producing face masks. The best mask machinery should be fully automatic, stable in operation, safe and durable, yet have a fast production speed, and the right price. In the whole production process of masks, it mainly includes four parts: mask body forming, mask earloop welding, mask packaging and mask disinfection. And we usually say mask machinery mainly refers to the two parts of mask body forming and earloop welding machine, some mask machinery manufacturers will also be equipped with mask packaging machine.
Mask Machinery Stability
Mask machinery is a kind of electromechanical equipment, safe and durable, stable operation is the most important premise, but for the mask machinery buyers, because the cost of field visits is large, so how to examine the use of the mask machinery performance? Live link is undoubtedly the most effective method. Mask machinery is a kind of fully automatic production machine, which can save a lot of labor and effectively improve the qualified rate of mask production. The production speed of the mask machinery should refer to the stable running speed of the mask machinery, not the instantaneous maximum speed, so be sure to ask when consulting.
mask machinery price
Mask Machinery Cost
In addition, we need to note that the size of the mask machinery is relatively large, and the cost of purchasing the mask machinery is mainly determined by two aspects: the mask making machine price and the transportation cost, so we should do a good job of inquiry and cost accounting and other related work before purchasing the mask machinery.

TESTEX provides all kinds of automatic Mask Machinery for sale, which meet the production needs of various mask types, such as medical masks, KF94 masks, KN95 masks, N95 masks, FFP2 masks, etc.

Mask Machinery for producing mass medical masks ● Mask Production Machine APL250, which masks production capacity up to 250 pcs/min.

● Automatic Mask Making Machine APL150 stable running with a high output of 150 pcs/min.

Mask Machinery for producing KF94 standard or DS2 standard masks ● KF94 Mask Manufacturing Machine masks production capacity up to 100 pcs/min.
Mask Machinery for producing N95 masks, KN95 masks, FFP2 masks ● KN95 Face Mask Manufacturing Machine stable running with a high output of 100 pcs/min.

● NIOSH N95 Mask Manufacturing Machine produces 45 pcs/min.

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