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Toy Flammability Tester TT200

4.5 (6 reviews)

Toy Flammability Tester, to determine flammability resistance of finery or toy and children clothing, the toy flammability tester mainly for evaluating the burning speed and time of the following kinds of toys or children stuff.



Toy Flammability Tester, to determine flammability resistance of finery or toy and children clothing. The toy flammability tester is mainly for evaluating the burning speed and time of the following kinds of toys or children stuff.

  • Toys to be worn on the head, such as beards, wig and mask etc.
  • Toy disguise costumes and toys intended to be worn by a child in play, such as cowboy suits, nurse’s outfits and long flowing capes etc.
  • Toys intended to be entered by a child, such as toy tents, puppet theatres, wigwams and play tunnels.
  • Soft filled toys (animals and dolls, etc.) with a piled or textile surface.
  • System and Display: Programmable PLC system to control automatically, text display


  • Time display and accuracy 0-999.9s,0.1s
  • Burner size according to ISO 6941
  • Burner can be positioned to vertical or 45 degree.
  • Equipped with U-shape holder and hanging holder
  • PLC controlled


90 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz


Length:800 mmWidth:600 mmHeight:650 mm


BS EN 71-2

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    6 reviews for Toy Flammability Tester TT200

    1. Heloise Hansen

      Really quick delivery.

    2. Blair Morse

      Easy to use. I recommend this item.

    3. Evangeline Charles

      The Toy Flammability Tester price is reasonable.

    4. Byron Katrine

      The machine has excellent performance on toy flammability testing.

    5. Ingram Shakespeare

      Machine came quickly.Please keep up the good work.

    6. Ford Brewster

      seller very responsive and very fast shipping.

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    The Range of the Toy Flammability Test

    The BS EN71 stipulate the types of flammable materials prohibited from all toys and the flammability requirements for certain toys exposed to small sources of fire. The toy flammability test method is used to test the flammability of toys under specified conditions, these toys mainly include: 1 Clothes that warned by children(costume), especially those with shawls, fluttering clothes and the like. 2 The toys for Children to enter, such as game tents and playrooms, the toys for children to cuddle, the toys filled with soft. 3 The toys that can be worn in such styles as masks and wig.

    The General Requirement for the Toy Flammability Testing

    The test flame shall be obtained from the burner specified in ISO 6941 and shall be fueled with butane or propane gas. The toy or sample shall be treated for at least 7 hours in an atmosphere with the temperature is 20±5℃ and a relative humidity is 65±5%. The test should be conducted in the test room, where the airflow velocity is less than 0.2 m/s at the beginning of the test and the test process shouldn’t be affected by the operation of the mechanical equipment during the test. Ensure that the air volume in the test room is not affected by the decrease in oxygen concentration. When a front opening test room is used as a test, ensure that the test sample is at least 300mm from each side of the test room. Before testing, keep the temperature of the test room between 10℃ and 30℃, relative humidity from 15% to 80%. Samples must be tested within 5 minutes after extracting from the treatment environment. The flame was preheated for at least 2 minutes. According to the samples of different toys, adjust the flame height and select the corresponding test method, then record the corresponding flammability test results. Toy flammability tester is on sale. If you want to know more, such as toy flammability test method or toy flammability tester price, please contact us. [contact-form-7 id="16355" title="Inquiry"]
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