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Textile Tensile Testing Machine

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Textile Tensile Testing Machine is designed to test a wide range of materials in tension, bursting, tear, elongation, constant load, elastic, thread slip, peeling and other mechanical properties. Tensile Strength Tester complies with ISO 13934.1/2, ISO 13935.1/2, ISO 9073.3/4, etc.




Textile Tensile Testing Machine can test tension, bursting, tear, elongation, elastic, thread slip, peeling and other mechanical properties of textile, this tensile equipment talks directly with a PC running a data analysis software package in English, via a high-speed RS232.

We provides two different kinds of Textile Tensile Testing Machines, one is Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF001 with single column. The other one is Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF002 available with single and dual column frame with capacities of 250kgf, 500kgf, 1000kgf, 3000kg (500lbf, 1000lbf, 2000lbf, 6,000lbf) and include two model types, the M series and the P series.

The tensile strength machine is equipped with a quality load-cell with an accuracy of 2% of the applied load value, from 1% to 100% of the load-cell capacity.

This machine has a huge assortment of specimen grips and fixtures available, allowing the wide range of test methods. Automatic pneumatic fixtures/clamps are offered.

Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF002 is dual column type tensile testing machine, PC-operated, Japanese-made AC servo driving system and two quality ball-screws with load cell for ideal and smooth control. The machine talks directly with a standard PC running a data analysis software package, via a high speed RS232 in both ASCII and super high speed binary modes.

Note: A customized PC is needed for Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF002 (dual column).


Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF001 (single column):

Test Capacity2500N
Load Measurement Accuracy+/- 2% (1% ~ 100% FS)
Resolution Of Load0.1N
Displacement Resolution And Accuracy0.01mm
Speed Range And Accuracy0.1 ~ 500mm/min, error +/-2%
Operating Temperature Range0 ~ 38 ℃
Storage Temperature Range-10 ~ 45 ℃
Humidity Range10% ~ 90% non-condensing (web bulb method)
Sample HolderPneumatic clamping
Displacement Alarm SystemYes
Mini-Printer (built-in)Yes
ProcessorHigh Speed RS232
Weight100 Kg
Dimensions680 x 580 x 1640 mm (L x W x H)
Power220/110 V AC 50/60 Hz
(*Power can not exceed 10% of rated voltage peak and surge)

Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF002 (dual column):

Test capacity5000 N
Tensile speed001-1000mm / min digital speed, error ≤ ± 2%
Elongation Resolution 0.01mm
Sampling frequency of system2000 times / sec.
Minimum scale value 0.1N
Force measurement accuracy ≤ ± 2% F · S
Gauge distance accuracy ± 0.1mm
Working space H 800mm x W 420mm
Operating temperature range 0 to 38 degrees C
Storage temperature range -10 to 45 degrees C
  • Test method CRE principle
  • Control system closed control system, quality motor and ball-screws
  •   Measuring system high-precision force sensor
  • Force measurement range 1% of full scale to 100%
  • Gauge distance limit control, digital setting
  • Sample holder pneumatic clamping\
  • Holder control button switch and foot switch
  • Built-in intelligent active force and displacement alarm system.
  • High-resolution digital closed-loop controller
  • Humidity range 10% to 90% non-condensing, web bulb method. Power must be free of spikes and surges exceeding 10% of the nominal voltage.


Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF001 (single column): 100 Kg

Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF002 (dual column): 200 Kg


Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF001 (single column): 680 x 580 x 1640 mm (L x W x H)

Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF002 (dual column): 840 x 600 x 1900 mm (L x W x H)


220/110 V AC 50/60 Hz

(*Power can not exceed 10% of rated voltage peak and surge)


Standard Configurations of Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF001 (single column)

TF001 has a complete standard configuration. What’s more, we also provide you with a mini built-in printer additionally, valued at $40.

Standard Configurations

Optional Accessories

Different standards and testing methods require different options, we can provide you with over 100 kinds of clamps, clips and sensors, so you don’t have to waste your time to choose and purchase elsewhere:

ClampManual, pneumatic and so on
ClipDifferent sizes
SensorDifferent measuring range

*For more details, please contact us.


Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF001 (single column):

TF001 is free to assemble different clips, set different intervals and speeds to meet the requirements of different test items, which can meet 9 different standards.

StandardTest projectModelFront ClipSpacing Distance
(between the upper and lower clamp)
ISO13934-2:2014Grasping method to pull upCRE25 x 25 mm100 mm50 mm/min
ISO13935-1:2014Spline method to break for seam CRE≥60mm200 mm100 mm/min
ISO13935-2:2014Sampling method to break for seam CRE25 x 25 mm100 mm50 mm/min
ASTM D5034Sampling methodCRE25 x 50 mm75 +/- 1 mm300 mm/min
ASTM D5035Spline methodCRE≥10 x 25 mm75 +/- 1 mm300 mm/min

*CRE is a constant-rate-of-extension testing machine, means that during the tensile process, the deformation rate remained fixed per unit time.

Note: A customized PC is needed for this instrument.


Textile Tensile Testing Machine TF002 (dual column):

ISO 13934.1 ISO 13934.2 ISO 13935.1 ISO 13935.2 ISO 4606


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    7 reviews for Textile Tensile Testing Machine

    1. Jacob

      This tensile testing machine is really powerful and reliable, the software is also intuitive to use.

    2. Christopher

      This tensile testing machine is very intuitive to use, and the mechanism is good

    3. Bryan Lin

      Hi Sir
      we would to know why the up clamp on machine always run through 600mm and then stop? would u please let us know how to down load your machine TF001 operation book ? thanks.

      • testextextile

        Dear Bryan,
        Sorry for our late reply, our after-sales engineer will contact you soon, thank you.

    4. Werner Margaret

      Works just fine, the colors are a nice touch.

    5. Chapman Gibbon

      Everything goes well,just what the doctor ordered!!

    6. Samuel Beck

      I love this tester, and its price is competitive.

    7. Mason Jones

      The product is worth buying.

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