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Surgical Face Masks Supplier Price For Sale

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Surgical masks are used to cover the user’s mouth, nose, and jaw to provide a physical barrier against direct transmission of pathogenic microorganisms, body fluids, particles, etc.



Surgical Face Mask from qualified surgical face masks suppliers has a similar structure to disposable medical face mask, but has a strict standard requirement, different countries have different standards to  meet, for China surgical masks, the standard is:

YY 0469-2011 Surgical Masks

Compared to disposable medical face masks, surgical face mask has extra requirement like:

YY/T 0969 Disposable Medical Face Mask YY 0469 Surgical Masks
Difference PFE ≥ 30%
Synthetic blood penetrates
Flame retardant performance
Similarity BFE ≥ 95%
Same requirements for appearance, construction size, nose clip, mask strap
Ventilation resistance ≤ 49 Pa.
Same requirements for microbiological indicators
EO residue ≤ 10 ug/g
Biological evaluation is the same.

3 key aspects to identify a trusted surgical face masks supplier:

  • Surgical face masks suppliers must have medical device manufacturing production qualification approved by relevant national departments;
  • The facility of the surgical face masks supplier where surgical face masks are produced must be 100,000 level dust-free purification workshop;
  • The surgical face masks supplier should have a sterilized device to make sure the surgical face masks are all sterilized.

More practical guides about finding a reliable surgical masks supplier, please refer to our articles on the left side.

If you are planning to wholesale civil use flat 3 ply earloop disposable face masks instead of this Surgical Face Masks, you can check our antiviral masks from the link below:

texinstru disposable face mask


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