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Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester TF119

4.75 (8 reviews)

Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester, to determine the crease-flex abrasion resistance of leather, rubber cloth etc. Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester complies with JIS-K6404-6, L1096, JASO, etc.




Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester, to determine the crease-flex abrasion resistance of leather, rubber cloth etc. The force loaded on specimen, distance between grips and the two-way distance can be adjustable. And the force loaded on specimen is of spring type.

Clamp the two specimens in cross shape. Based on the various materials of the specimen, apply the appropriate load. During test, the two specimens are creased and flexed reciprocally. After reaching the specified number of abrasion, take off test samples to check if they are cracked, wrinkled or discolored.


Specimen: 30x120mm

Holders: 0~50mm(standard: 20mm)

Pressure load: 0.5~5kgf

Friction distance: 0~60mm(standard: 40mm)

Friction speed: 120+/-2cpm


95 kg


220 V 50/60 Hz


Length:500 mmWidth:400 mm Height:550 mm



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    8 reviews for Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester TF119

    1. Lance J

      The mechanism is good, well designed to meet the standard

    2. Byron Palmer

      Works well so far, and seems quite accurate.

    3. Moore Benson

      I want to know more about this machine.There is too little description of the product.

    4. Abbott Bloomfield

      The quality is good. fits the description.

    5. Stacey Cowper

      Great Good Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester.Thanks manufacturer!

    6. Ferdinand Romeo

      Good Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester! Hope the manufacturer keep on!

    7. Wordsworth Guy

      Parfait, super rapide et conforme. Perfect, very fast, and fine.

    8. Nigel Scott

      Thank you very much! the product is wonderful and the service is excellent! You are a very good seller I will definitely recommend to all and come back again.

      • testextextile

        If you have any question of the machine, pls contact us directly, we will help you for further.

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    Test significance

    The Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion test determines the durability of the product by rubbing back and forth on the sample and then observing the degree of crack, wrinkles, or discoloration of the sample. Scott crease-flex test and Martindale abrasion test are used to testing the durability of textiles from different angles, so the combination of them can improve the stability of the test results.

    Differences between Martindale abrasion test and Scott Type abrasion test

    1. Different testing methods: the Martindale abrasion test mainly implement friction between the tested sample and the specified substance, while the Scott Type crease-flex abrasion test is rubbed back and forth with the sample itself. 2. The testing range is different: the Martindale abrasion tester is mainly used to test the pilling ability of textiles to judge the durability of fabrics, while Scott Type crease-flex abrasion tester not only can test the durability of textiles but also can test the rubbed strength of the plastic film, artificial leather, rubber cloth and leather. 3. Different test standards: the Martindale abrasion test mainly meets international standards, while the Scott crease-flex abrasion test is mainly aimed at some of the standards in Japan. For example, JIS L1096 accord with the Japanese industrial standard, JASO conforming to Japanese Automobile Standards, JIS-K6404-6 conforming to Japanese Rubber Industry Standard, is a more professional test. Scott Type crease-flex abrasion tester is easy to operate and practical. Please contact us if you want to buy it. [contact-form-7 id="16355" title="Inquiry"]
    Q: What is the maximum height of the sample for TF119? A: 21mm.
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