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Moisture analyzer TF123A

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Moisture analyzer combines state-of-the-art heating with highly accurate weighing technology to deliver a faster, more precise method of moisture analysis.


This Digital Halogen Moisture Analyzer is suitable for getting rapid testing of textiles’ moisture analysis results, features in precise temperature control with halogen heating technology and outstanding weighing technology, intuitive operation with step-by-step user guidance, and can offer you consistent measurement performance.


Fast halogen heating (1ºC increments to 200ºC in 30secs), Repeatability 0.015% (10g sample), choice of units, statistics, manual, timed and auto stop modes (mg/s); 4 temperature profiles (standard, fast, ramp, step); audible feedback; storage of up to 50 drying programs with statistics, text prompts and scrolling menus to guide user through set-up and analysis


  • Display: Graphical backlit LCD can show temperature/time, setup, ID, initial weight, drying curve (real time), % moisture
  • Operation: Mains operation
  • Communication: RS232 interface, GLP with time & date
  • Construction: Durable ABS with stainless steel pan & in-use cover
  • Capacity: 90g
  • Readability: 0.001mg
  • Platform: 90mm


50 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz3 A


Length:360 mmWidth:190 mmHeight:160 mm

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Moisture Analyzer Function

The rapid moisture analyzer definition refers to an instrument for measuring the moisture content of substances. At present, the moisture analyser principle includes resistance method, capacitance method, infrared lamp heating method, the halogen lamp heating method and so on. Halogen moisture analyser is widely used in industries that require rapid moisture determination, such as medicine, grain, seed, chemical, tea, and textile.

Halogen Moisture Analyzer Principle

When halogen moisture analyser is heating the sample, the moisture analyser equipment uses an annular tube halogen heating method to quickly dry the sample. During the drying process, the rapid moisture tester will continuously measure the moisture content and immediately display the moisture content, and the final moisture content value will be displayed after the completion of the moisture analyzer procedure.

Moisture Analyzer Comparison

There are many testing methods of laboratory moisture analyzer, while at present there are mainly two types of moisture machine on the market. One is the traditional oven drying method, the other is a new rapid heating method based on halogen lamp heating.

Compared with the traditional oven heating method, the halogen moisture analyzer method can dry the sample quickly and uniformly at a high temperature, and the sample’s surface is not easy to be damaged. The test results are in good agreement with the oven method, and the detection efficiency is much higher than that of the oven method. It takes only a few minutes to complete the determination of a general sample. The halogen moisture analyzer adopts an annular heating tube so that the sample is heated evenly and the test stability is better. Halogen lamps contain inert gases with longer service life than other heated lamps.

In addition, the halogen moisture analyzer working principle is simple. The test results can show the data among moisture content value, initial sample value, final value, measurement time, initial temperature value and so on. The measurement speed is fast and the accuracy is high, so it is widely used.

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2 reviews for Moisture analyzer TF123A

  1. Joseph Addison

    High quality but a little bit slow delivery as for me.

  2. Bridget MacDonald

    Test data is very accurate.Recommend this seller.

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