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Earloop Inward Forming At 110 Pcs/min Neatly Stacked Mask Piles For Fast & Uniform Package Easy to use, 4 Hours Set-up time, ready for production

Medical Face Mask Making Machine Earloop Auto Welding 110 Pcs/Min

4.3 (10 reviews)

Medical face mask machine, full name is automatic high-speed flat earloop mask production line, used to produce disposable medical face masks or surgical face masks in mass production.

The mask type produced by this surgical mask production line is 3 ply flat earloop type mask.



Face Mask Machine Applications

Medical face mask machine, full name is automatic high-speed flat earloop mask production line, used to produce disposable medical face masks in mass production.

The current model we offer is APL110 Face Mask Machine, Featuring in the fully automatic mask producing process.

Face Mask Machine Mask Production Process

The stages of the mask production including raw materials feeding, forming mask bodies, welding earloops, earloops folding, are all be handled automatically on this model of face mask machine.

Mask Machines Introduced to Greece Minister

Top Features of the Face Mask Machine

  • Complete servo motors driving and controlling system, ensuring the stability of face mask machine when running at the capacity of 110 pcs/min
  • Integrated control of the units of face mask machine, you can stop or start the whole face mask machine line either on the face mask machine’s mask body forming unit or on the face mask machine’s earloop welding unit
  • Earloop folding inwards automatically without affecting the speed of face mask machine line

Mask Machine Customer Testimonials

How to verify the quality of face mask machine: the ultimate tip for face mask machine buyers

One-hour webinar of continous mask production on face mask machine

If you can not pay an on-site visit to the face mask machine manufacturers or face mask machine factory, this one-hour webinar tip will help you have a solid picture of the face mask machine you gonna buy, with no tricks or facts hidden by video editing or shooting with a marketing purpose.

The one-hour webinar will help you see the real performance of the face mask machine, like this one on the right.

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TESTEX Previous Mask Machines Models Gallery

These mask machine models are still working well in our clients’ mask production workshop, the current flagship APL110 mask machine is the product leveraging all these previous models to offer mask manufacturers the superior user experience and the maximum ROI.

APL80 Mask Machine Line

APL80 Mask Production Line

TESTEX’s first fully automatic production line, can produce 80 pcs of masks in a minute, also can work with APM10 automatic mask packing machine.

APL80 is a vital step for TESTEX to build APL110 high-speed mask machine, its stable feature has been perfectly maintained when evolved into a 110 pcs per minute version.

TM120 + AUW60 Mask Machine

AUW60 Earloop Ultrasonic Welding Machine

TM120 Mask Body Machine is in charge of forming mask body parts, then the mask bodies are put to the AUW60 feeder, and then be weld with earloops automatically.

This has been the solid solution we provided when we are not ready for fully automatic solution.

TM120 + MUW6 Mask Machine

AUW60 Earloop Ultrasonic Welding Machine

This is the first step of TESTEX mask machine, our main focus was to build a solid mask machine that could help the clients produce qualified mask bodies, for the earloop welding part, we went for the manual welding machine, a small size desktop ultrasonic device, slow but reliable.

We built a solid foundation of TM120, which let us put more effort into the R&D of the automatic earloop welding machines.

APL80 Mask Production Line Production Video

Medical Face Mask Machine Composition (The main mask making machine solution TESTEX offer in the early past).

This mask making machines combo is tested and evaluated by ourself and our customers, the current machines we offer has evolved to be the most stable and reliable solution based on the feedback from our previous customers, the 2 machines listed are the main machines.

TM120 + AUW60 Mask Machine In Client's Workshop

Our Romania mask machine customer sent us a video of their daily medial mask production, in which, they are using our previous 4th generation mask machines (TM120 + AUW60, the APL110 is our 11th generation mask machines since the first one introduced), and after months of full capacity producing, the mask machines are still performing quite well with seldom interruptions, and they are planning to upgrade to our APL110 mask machine + APM10 automatic mask packing machine for the labor-saving purpose.

This medical surgical face mask making machine line solution consists of components to finish the whole procedure of producing surgical face masks or disposable face masks, consists of conveyor devices for delivering the raw materials(layers of non-woven fabric, nose clip metal wire, earloops rope), the cutting process(the mask body cutting, the nose clip cutting),  the folding process, the welding process of earloops has an auto-feeding system, just need one labor to put a pile of mask bodies in the holder and then the mask body will be automatically sent to the conveyor for being welded with earloops.

AUW 60 Minutes Continuos Running

In this 40+ minutes (limited by the camera shooting) video, except for several pauses due to the not-in-time mask bodies feeding (the process of putting a pile of mask bodies to the automatic feeder by the worker), the AUW60 performed a very stable continuous welding process, we show you the real situation you will come into when using our automatic earloop welding machine.

First mask machine in Greece, introduced to Prime Minister of Greece.

Mr. Costas (Our Customer)

So, this is the mask production line. Everything happened very quickly. I had an amazing experience; after all the years I’ve been working, the customs were waiting for us to close up. Imagine, the airplane landed on 5 o’ clock, the machine was cleared at customs that same day, the truck was waiting, it arrived to Xanthi at 8:30 in the morning, and at 1 or 2 in the evening, I was sent a video where the machine was working already. Things I’ve seen for the first time, very interesting, but what’s the most important?

That all this gives us courage, gives amazing strength to our people, …

Mr. Mitsotakis (Prime Minister of Greece)

Good. I want to thank you all for your amazing work. I’m glad that you’re creating an ecosystem in Greece of verticalized production of protective equipment. I’d be glad to visit your installation in Larissa and you, Thrace Plastics, in Xanthi. I’m wishing you success and congratulations again.

Why Choose Us? An important fact comparison we hope you be aware of before you make the final decision:

Choose TESTEX, you choose:Because we do these:
After the you receives the machines, you connect the electricity and compressed air, load the materials, press the start button, you can produce normally without debugging.Each unit is installed and takes three days to commission.
Four days of testing (with meltblown cloth) before shipment.

we wish you can avoid:

Choose others (usually cheap solutions, speculator), you might chooseBecause they do:
After you get the machines, you have to debug the machines on your place for 12 to 17 days before normal production, you will find the mask bodies is not formed right, the earloops are not welding right, and many things need to be adjusted...

Machines can not persist running stable, production interruption means low capacity.
Rush installation with no commission:
Machines shipped directly after assembled;
Some companies do not even have the non-woven fabric and earloops or nose clips installed to test the machines.

Poor quality:
The manufactuers are selling off, so the use of the unqualified spare parts, no warranty can be expected.

If you have any further questions, please contact us:

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    10 reviews for Medical Face Mask Making Machine Earloop Auto Welding 110 Pcs/Min

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      Hi I’m interested in the full setup could you please tell me full details and prices

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        Thank you for your message, could you please leave your country, then we’ll quote you better asap!Best regards.

    4. Omar Silva

      I am interested in the business and you seem to have the full package. I live in Cape Verde, and would like to have the price for each of your machines, the Raw Materials and shipping to Praia in Cape Verde. I would also like to know more on the functioning of the machines, the frequency for reloading of Raw Matetial and the amount needed for maximum capacity production.

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        Hello dear, we had reached you through email, kindly please check it, best regards!

    5. Miles Baker

      Interested i want more information.

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      How much for a one unit of the machine?

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      Mask making machine

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    10. Faqir Hussain Awan

      Need to buy model non TM 120 . And required all necessary details about it.

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      Mask manufacturing problem-solving and troubleshooting Q&A

      Here we have collected some of the problems we have found when commissioning the mask machine and producing masks, as well as some of the problems from customer feedback and inquiries for solutions.

      These problems can be generally categorized into:

      • Mask quality is not up to the requirements,

      • Mask production volume is not up to the expected requirements, resulting in a very high overall production cost of the mask.

      Part 1: Mask Quality  Issues Q & A

      Q1: The mask bodies are not cut in the middle of the welding area?

      A1: Cloth cutter not adjusted to a proper position.

      Solution: Try to rotate the cutter control switch to adjust it clockwise or counterclockwise, and then press the "Inch" button to run the machine at a very low speed to check whether the problems solved.

      Q2: Mask bodies' length is not stable, lengths are at the normal range when running in the early period of prodcution, but then shortens and narrows in width when the fabric is running out?

      A2: As the diameter of the mask fabric roll becomes smaller, the torque becomes smaller, resulting in additional force acting on the longitudinal side of the fabric, causing stretching, and as the stretch tightens, the mask body is welded and cut, with subsequent retraction of the length in its natural state, resulting in a smaller length.
      The basic reason is that the physical properties of nonwoven and meltblown fabrics are not suitable, and the longitudinal elasticity is not within a reasonable range.

      Solution: Choose qualified fabric material.

      Q3: Horizontal folds and cracks in the mask piece?

      A3: In the process of creating 3 creases in the mask piece, the fabric is too brittle due to insufficient lateral elasticity, causing it to break.

      Solution: You should validate the raw material quality, choose to buy mask fabric (mainly the meltblown fabric) with the required transverse tension.

      Q4: Mask Bodie's pieces be unevenly hemmed and wrapped?

      A4: The raw material roll (usually the inner layer pp nonwoven) is not properly secured and the roll of fabric often wobbles from side to side, resulting in uneven wrapping.

      Solution: Check whether the reel is fixed loosely, etc., and ensure that the position of the 3 layers of cloth is correct before folding.

      Q5: Inconsistencies in the left and right lengths of mask straps?

      A5: For example, the left earloop is often shorter than the right earloop, which is not in the required range, and the short side is elongated due to the extra resistance, and then retracted after welding, resulting in insufficient length.

      Solution: Check whether there is additional resistance being applied to the earloop feeding. And buy the earloops with suitable placement.

      Q6: Inaccurate welding position of mask earloops, large deviation?

      A6: For automatic welding machines: mask bodies' lengths are not stable, resulting in a large misalignment of the mask piece during welding.
      For manual welding machines: in relation to worker proficiency.

      Solution: Use an automatic welding machine instead of manual welding machines and solve the problem of question 2 to ensure that the length of the mouthpiece is uniform and that the transverse and longitudinal displacements on the automatic welding track are within the tolerance of deviation.

      Part 2: Low Capacity Issues (compared to the expected max. machine capacity)

      Q7: One-day production capacity of mask body machine can not meet expectations?

      A7: According to our observations and statistics, the main reason is that continuous production time is not as expected. The original design and production of 10 hours, actually only produced more than 8 hours: the refueling time accounts for the main factor, followed by the raw material is not strong enough, will be Torn off, resulting in additional time for cloth refueling.

      Solution: Adapt raw material roll with a suitable diameter (too small, increasing the frequency of refueling, too large, not conducive to stable production).

      Q8: The output of the automatic earloop welding machine did not meet expectations, more labors needed then expectation (doubled)?

      A8: The left and right earloop feeding mechanism often interrupts production. In order to ensure that the final mask earloop length is stable, it is necessary to ensure that the earloop is not subjected to additional tension during the conveying process, i.e. no extra tension applied.

      In actual production, due to the earloop production process, earloops are either rolled into a roll or directly packed in plastic bags, which results in: you need two extra workers to smooth the twisted earloops to continue the welding process manually and repeatedly, very time consuming and labors costs added.

      Solution: Smooth the earloops under a natural tension-free state. The earloops supplied by us can solve this problem,  Minimize manual intervention on the ear strap rope, or you can buy similar earloops which are not heavily twisted.


      Only a small part of the various problems in the production of masks are caused by the mask making machines, and most of them are caused by the wrong purchase of raw materials.

      These problems can only be better discovered through actual production.

      This is also the reason why our mask making machine solution has been evolved, we have improved the equipment, and now to maximize the capacity of our mask making machines, we established server mask material standards aiming to solve the problems you might meet during the actual mask production, to get a smooth mask manufacturing process and eventually produce the qualified masks for medical staff use or daily protection application, you will need materials that meet these two requirements:

      1. Meet the quality requirements of the mask standards, such as particle filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration efficiency, breathing Resistance, penetration of synthetic blood (medical masks);

      2. Friendly to the mask making machines: material specifications suitable for the optimal production process, no extra interruption, maximize the production time.

      Buy the qualified mask raw material here (Best match to all types of our mask making machines):

      Or you can contact us for a quick quotation here:

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