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Masks Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Tester TN145

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Masks Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Tester is used to determine the bacterial filtration efficiency(BFE) of medical face masks, surgical face masks, to identify the protective performance from being exposed to bacterial airborne environments.


Masks Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Tester, BFE tester’s main performance indicators can meet both the YY0469-2011 in the appendix B bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) test method B.1.1 test instrument requirements, and the ASTM ASTMF2100, ASTMF2101, European EN14683 standard requirements

This mask bacterial filtration efficiency tester adopts the design of a double airway simultaneous comparison sampling method to improve the accuracy of sampling, applicable to metrological testing departments, scientific research institutions, mask manufacturers, and other relevant departments of the mask bacterial filtration efficiency performance testing.


  • YY 0469 – 2011, YY/T 0969 – 2013
  • ASTM F2100, ASTM F2101
  • EN14683

Tester Specifications

Main parameter Parameter range Resolution ratio Margin of error
A sampling flow 28.3L/min 0.1L/min ±2.5%
B sampling flow 28.3L/min 0.1L/min ±2.5%
Spray flow (8~10)L/min 0.1L/min ±5.0%
Peristatic pump flow  (0.006~3.0)mL/min 0.001ml/min ±2.5%
Front pressure of flowmeter A (-20~0)kPa 0.01kPa ±2.5%
Front pressure of flowmeter B  (-20~0)kPa 0.01kPa ±2.5%
Front pressure of spray flow  (0~300)kPa 0.1kPa ±2.5%
Pressuring of aerosol  (-90~-120)Pa 0.1Pa ±2.0%
Working temperature   (0~50)℃
Pressuring of cabinet (-50~-200)Pa
Data storage capacity >100000 set
Characteristics of high-efficiency air filter The filtration efficiency of particles above 0.3 um ≥99.99%
Median mass diameter of aerosol generator Mean particle diameter (3.0±0.3)μm, geometric standard deviation ≤1.5
Two-way 6-stage Anderson sampler to capture particle size


Level Ⅰ>7μm,Level Ⅱ(4.7~7)μm,Level Ⅲ(3.3~4.7)μm,Level Ⅳ(2.1~3.3)μm,Level Ⅴ(1.1~2.1)μm,Level Ⅵ(0.6~1.1)μm
Aerosol chamber specifications


Total particles of positive quality control sampler (2200±500)cfu
Ventilation flow of  pressuring cabinet ≥5m3/min
Size of pressuring cabinet door  (L1000×W730)mm
Host size  (L1180×W650×H1300)mm
Bracket size (L1180×W650×H600)mm,Height adjustable within 100 mm
Working power AC220V±10%,50Hz
Noise <65dB(A)
Weight About  250kg
Power consumption <1500W


Tester Features

  • Pressuringtest system to ensure the safety of operators;
  • Pressuringcabinet built-in peristaltic pump, A, B two-way six-stage Anderson;
  • Peristaltic pump flow value can be set;
  • Special microbial aerosol generator bacterial liquid spray flow valuecan be set;
  • Good atomization;
  • Embedded high-speed industrial microcomputer control;
  • 4-inch industrial-grade high-brightness color touch display screen;
  • USB interface, support U disk data transfer;
  • Cabinet built-in high-brightness lighting lamp;
  • Built-in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of operators;
  • The inner layer of stainless steel in the cabinet is integrally processed and formed, and the outer layer is sprayed with cold-rolled plate;
  • Heat preservation and flame retardant between inner and outer layers;
  • Front switch type glass door, which is convenient for experimenters to observe and operate;
  • Removable bracket with adjustable bracket height;
  • Support and move dual-use casters.


Packing List

NO. Name Unit Quantity Note
1 BFE Experimental System Host Set 1
2 6-stage Anderson sampler set 2
3 Aerosol set 1
4 Bracket set 1
5 Carrying handle set 4
6 AC power cord set 1 3m
7 Silicone tube φ18×24 meter 1
8 Silicone tube φ8×12 meter 1
9 Silicone tube φ6×10 meter 2
10 Silicone tube φ4×7 meter 1
11 Silicone tube φ2.65×5 meter 1
12 Product manual copy 2
13 Product qualification certificate copy 1
14 Aerosol test report copy 1



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