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Mask Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) Tester TN148

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Mask Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) Tester is used to test the particle filtration efficiency (oil or non-oil particle) of face masks, mask raw fabric (meltblown non-woven), results in percentage level, such N95 means 95% filtration level.


  1. Product introduction

Mask Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) Tester can be used to detect the filtration efficiency and resistance of particles such as masks and filter materials in medical device inspection center, safety protection inspection center, drug inspection center, disease prevention and control center, textile inspection center, hospital, mask research & development and manufacturer.


  1. Technical features:
  • Color high-definition LCD touch screen is adopted, which makes the content more intuitive and the operation more convenient.
  • It is equipped with a special salt aerosol generator, which can generate aerosols of specific particle size and concentration.
  • Equipped with a series of special clamps, suitable for the detection of various masks.
  • Built-in high life photometer module, accumulated sampling time, prompt optical path cleaning.
  • Automatic control of aerosol generationand automatic calculation of capture efficiency and mask airflow resistance, reducing human intervention.
  • Built in high-precision electronic flowmeter and high-performance sampling pump to ensure flow stability.
  • Built-in compressor with automatic pneumatic clamping function.
  • Equipped with anti-static device.
  • Automatic infrared anti-pinch protection function to protect personnel safety.
  • No leakage of aerosol, and a high degree of personal protection.
  • The detection data can be exported via U disk or printed by Bluetooth printer.
  • Optional oily aerosol generator.


  1. Standards

This face mask particulate filtration efficiency tester can conduct the tests defined by the following standards:

GB / T 32610-2016  Technical Specifications of Daily Protective Masks

GB 2626-2006  Respiratory protective equipment-Self-priming filter type anti-particulate respirator

GB 19082-2009  Technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing

GB 19083-2010  Technical requirements for medical protective masks

TAJ 1001-2015  PM2.5 protective mask

YY 0469-2011  Medical surgical mask



  1. Technical indicators


Main parameters


Parameters range Resolution Maximum errors allowable
Median diameter of salt aerosol particles (CMD) (0.075) μm / ±0.02
Median diameter of oil aerosol particles (CMD)(optional) (0.185) μm / ±0.02
Test flow (8~100) L/min 0.1 L/min ±2.0%
Pressure range (0~2500) Pa 0.1 Pa ±2.0%
Concentration detection range (0.001-100) μg/L 0.001 μg/L
Precision / / 1%/
Detection repeatability / / 1%/
Working temperature 0~50℃
Instrument noise <60dB(A)
Power AC220V±10%,50Hz
Host size (length 800× width 600× height 1200) mm
Host power consumption <300W
Host weight about 90kg


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