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KF94 | FFP2 Fish Shape Mask Manufacturing Machine

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KF94 mask manufacturing machine, also called fish mask manufacturing machine, and a fully automatic mask manufacturing machine for KF94 standard or DS2 standard mask production, can produce different masks depending on the raw materials used.

KF94 mask manufacturing machine is simple, stable, and reliable, with wide versatility and compatibility. It is a practical mask manufacturing machine with excellent cost performance.


Applications of KF94 Mask Manufacturing Machine

KF94 mask manufacturing machine, which could customize functions as customers’ requirements. Meanwhile, the molds can be easily changed to accommodate a large quantity of KF94, DS2, FFP2 mask production. Meet the different production needs of customers.


KF94 mask manufacturing machine is an efficient fish design mask production equipment. All automatic operations are from raw material to mask body forming, automatic flip sheet, automatic ear band welding, automatic earloop inner folding, and finished product.


The capacity of the mask manufacturing machine is up to 100 pcs/min. The whole process is automated from the feeding stage, significantly saving labor and time and increasing production speed.

Output of KF94 Mask manufacturing Machine
KF94 Mask Making Machine | Face Mask Making Machine - TESTEXKF94 Mask Making Machine | Face Mask Making Machine - TESTEX
KF94 Mask Making Machine | Face Mask Making Machine - TESTEX

Features of KF94 Mask Manufacturing Machine

KF94 mask manufacturing machine, from raw material feeding, mask body forming – welding – stamping, automatic nose welding, automatic ear strap welding and other processes are automatically completed, thus automating the production of masks.

  1.  Adopt PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation. The KF94 mask manufacturing machine runs fast and has stable performance.
  2.  Adopting ultrasonic welding technology, the finished products of masks are beautiful, hygienic and environmental friendly.
  3.  The whole production line from raw material feeding, sealing, cutting, folding, folding and sealing, mask cutting, welding ear band, inner folding of ear band, finished product output are automatic operation, high efficiency and labor saving.
  4.  The main structure of the mask manufacturing machine is made of aluminum alloy, and the key parts are made of stainless steel, the whole has the characteristics of durable, easy to clean, beautiful, etc.
  5.  The interface is humanized and easy to set and adjust the parameters.
  6.  Using round spot welding head, spot welding position is precise, and the spot welding effect is firm and beautiful.

Detail pictures of KF94 Mask Manufacturing Machine

KF94 mask manufacturing machine technical parameters

Capacity 100pcs/min(stable speed)
Overall dimensions (H)1700mm*(L)5305mm*(W)3195mm
Equipment weight About 1200kg   
Welding method Continuous /instant welding
Welding time 100-200MS
Welding spot size

10*10MM, customized according to client standards 

(The drawings shall be subject to separate confirmation)

Welding spot spacing Adjustable from 30mm to 45mm
Earloop length 160-180mm
Supply air 0.5~0.7Mpa (dry air source) / 20L / min
Air pipe specifications φ12mm  2PCS
Input power 16 KW
Power Specifications AC 220V/380V   50/60Hz±10%
Operating environment

Ambient temperature does not exceed 40°; 

no flammable or corrosive gas, no dust (cleanness is not below 100,000 level)

Why choose us?

This is a video shared by one of our mask making machine customers.

Greece Minister introduced how the production of masks helped them fight against the COVID-19.

As a mask production line manufacturer, it is our honor to provide customers with high-quality mask production machines and services and contribute to the epidemic prevention work.

To meet the different needs of customers, in addition to the medical mask machine APL110 mentioned in the video, TESTEX also launched KF94 mask manufacturing machine.

Greece Minister Talks about TESTEX Mask Manufacturing Machine

KF94 Mask Manufacturing Machine FAQs

What is the mask production speed of the KF94 mask manufacturing machine?

KF94 mask manufacturing machine can produce 100 pieces of masks every minute for stable running.

How to install the KF94 mask manufacturing machine?

All TESTEX mask machines have been optimized and tested before delivery to help you get the machines running in a short time. And we provide the installation videos of the KF94 mask manufacturing machine. If you met some problems installing the machine, please get in touch with us, we have a professional after-sales engineer.

What is the warranty policy on KF94 Mask Manufacturing Machine?

We have 8 months free warranty (6 months normal warranty time + 2 months shipping time).

How many counties have bought our mask making machines?

TESTEX Mask Machines sold to 42 counties.

73% repurchase rate of existing customers.

Is there a list of accessories?

Yes. We provide an accessories list.

What's the difference in filtration efficiency between KN95 masks, N95 masks, KF94 masks, and FFP2 masks?

Standard Country Particle Diameter NaCl Particle Testing Oil Particle Testing
KN95 Chinese standards 0.3μm ≥95.0% Not applicable
N95 U.S. standard 0.3μm ≥95.0% Not applicable
KF94 Korean standard 0.4μm ≥94% ≥94%
FFP2 EU standard ≥94% ≥94%
Why Choose TESTEX mask manufacturing machine? An important fact comparison we hope you be aware of before you make the final decision:
Choose TESTEX, you choose:Because we do these:
After the you receives the mask manufacturing machines, you connect the electricity and compressed air, load the materials, press the start button, you can produce normally without debugging.Each face mask manufacturing machine unit is installed and takes three days to commission.
Four days of testing (with meltblown cloth) before shipment.
We wish you can avoid:
Choose others (usually cheap solutions, speculator), you might chooseBecause they do:
After you get the mask manufacturing machines, you have to debug the machines on your place for 12 to 17 days before normal production, you will find the mask bodies is not formed right, the earloops are not welding right, and many things need to be adjusted...

Machines can not persist running stable, production interruption means low capacity.
Rush installation with no commission:
Mask Machines shipped directly after assembled;
Some companies do not even have the non-woven fabric and earloops or nose clips installed to test the mask manufacturing machines.

Poor quality:
The manufactuers are selling off, so the use of the unqualified spare parts, no warranty can be expected.

Buy With Confidence: 4 Days of Complete Testing For EVERY Machine Before Delivery

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