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Face Masks Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester TN139

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Synthetic blood penetration tester, is used for measuring the resistance of medical face masks to penetration by a splash of synthetic blood.

A specimen medical face mask is supported on this synthetic penetration tester’s sample clamping device, a fixed volume(~2ml) synthetic blood is splashed by this tester horizontally to hit the mask, this tester can provide different blood pressures with the control of precise valve to generate a 2ml volume of synthetic blood with the surface tension of 0.042±0.002 N/m, meeting the requirements defined in the medical face mask testing standards like ISO 22609, ASTM F1862, YY 0469-2011, GB/T 19083-2010.


  • Blood spraying distance: 300 mm ~ 310 mm adjustable
  • Needle inner Diameter: 0.84 mm
  • Spraying speed: 450cm / s, 550cm / s, 635cm / s
  • Stimulated synthetic Blood pressure: 10.6kPa, 16.0 kPa, 21.3 kPa (ie 80mmHg, 120mmHg, 160mmHg)


  • Medical Masks Test: ISO 22609, ASTM F1862, YY 0469-2011, GB/T 19083-2010



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