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Face Mask Material: PP Nonwoven Meltblown Fabric | ES Hot Air Cotton | Nose Wire | Earloops

Face mask materials are the base of qualified antiviral masks,

For flat earloop 3 ply face masks, the raw materials are pp non-woven fabric(external and interior layer), melt-blown fabric as the middle filter material, nose wire, and earloops to get better facial fit.

While for the KN95 face mask, more layers are applied, one or two meltblown fabric are added to achieve a better filtration efficiency, and hot air cotton(es fiber) is also used to produced kn95 face mask.

Download Flat Mask Material Consumption Sheet

Download KN95 Mask Material Consumption Sheet


Face mask structure and material used:

face mask material_0011_Mask-structure (1).jpg

3 ply flat mask structure and materials used

face mask material_0004_KN95-mask-structure.png

5 ply KN95 mask structure(Double-layered Meltblown)

Face Mask Material: Meltblown Fabric(Filter material)

Face mask material meltblown fabric

Meltblown fabric is the indispensable part of an antiviral face mask material, without meltblown fabric, or made with unqualified meltblown fabric, the mask can not protect the wearer from the potential risk of infecting virus in the air.

Meltblown Fabric Specifications We Offer:


Product Name Color GSM Specifications
Meltblown White 25 g/m2 Width: 175mm
7.2 kg/roll
Dia. 55 cm

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Face Mask Material: PP Nonwoven(suitable for flat mask and kn95 mask)

pp nonwoven fabric for mask

PP Nonwoven used as both external and interior fabric of the 3 ply face mask and the kn95 face mask, features in breathable, outer layer with splash resistance(on-demand, required in medical-surgical face mask), inner layer with good moisture absorption performance.

Non-woven Fabric for masks:

  • Non-woven fabric usage: Masks, Disposable Face Mask, Medical Masks, KN95 Masks, N95 Mask.
  • Specifications:


Product Name Color GSM Specifications
Flat mask
Blue/White 25 g/m2 Width: 175mm
7.2 kg/roll
Dia. 55 cm
50gm PP nonwoven for kn95 mask

The outer layer material KN95 mask used is much thicker than the one used for flat 3 ply mask(for the layer touching the face is the same), here are the specifications:

Color GSM Specifications
White 50g/m2 Width: 260mm

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Hot air cotton fabric

face mask material_0001_hot-air-cotton-es-fiberpng.png
Product Name: Hot Air Cotton Non-Wonven ES Fiber Width: 260mm/175mm
Material: 100% ES Fiber weight: 45gsm
MOQ: 1000KG Color: White
Counting unit: 1KG/Piece Used: For kn95 mask

Check how we validate the Hot-air cotton fabric quality from these videos:

Check the hot-air cotton quality validation standard here.

Face Mask Material: Mask Earloops

Mask earloops are ropes with some flexibility, welded on the face mask by ultrasonic welding machine, used to get a better facial fit with comfortable wearing experience.

face mask material_0007_mask-material_0001_earloops-material.jpg
face mask material_0003_KN95-mask-earband.jpg

Earloops specifications(suitable for flat mask):

Product name: Mask earloops
Width and length: 3mm, 350 m/kg
Material: Spandex / Nylon
Colour: White

Earband for KN95 Masks:

Product Name 16-pin 5mm mask/respirator earbands
Width 4.3 mm
Main raw material nylon + spandex
Color White
*1kg is about 465 m

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Face Mask Material: Nose Wire(Nose Clip/Fixture)

Nose wire is the part that makes a mask fit well to the nose shape, so as to reduce the leakage from the two sides of the nose.

face mask material_0008_mask-material_0002_nose-clip-material.jpg

Nose wire for flat mask specifications:

  • Material: PVC/PE + zinc plated steel/Galvanized Wire
  • Size: 0.85×2.9mm/0.9×3.0mm
  • Weight: 400m/kg, 1 roll = 2000m = 5kg
  • Color: White or customized
  • Length: customized
face mask material_0005_KN95-nose-clip.jpg

Nose clip for KN95 mask specifications:

  • Product name: KN95 built-in nose strip 4.8 mm double core wire
  • Size: 4.8 mm width
  • Core material: Galvanized soft iron wire(dual metal cores)

Any further questions about face mask material purchasing, please contact us:

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    It's not an easy task to buy the qualified face mask materials, there are many speculators in the market that offering bad quality face mask materials, which can not be used to produce antiviral masks, we, TESTEX, as the mask-making machine manufacturer, mask testing instruments manufacturer, and also produce disposable 3 ply antiviral masks in our own workshop, we can identify the face mask materials quality before purchasing from our supplier by testing the face mask material sample in our textile testing lab with our instruments.

    We have a series of testing instruments to validate the materials we source from the non woven fabric supplier, for example, we will use the Particle Filtration Tester to classify the filtration efficiency of the meltblown fabric, the differential pressure tester to test the breathability of the pp.spunbonded nonwoven fabric, and etc.

    Our aim is to provide you with the right mask materials, which has high filtration efficiency and at the same time easy to breathe,  these are two vital aspects when you buy melt blown fabric from non woven cloth suppliers, rather than negotiating on non woven fabric price only.

    face masks testing

    Particle Filtration Tester

    PFE Tester TF148

    Bacterial Filtration Tester

    TN145 Masks BFE Tester

    You should check the one-stop solution we offer to our customers, the qualified face mask material is just the base of the mask production business.

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