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Round Elastic Ear Loop for Medical Masks Production

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Ear loop is welded on medical mask bodies to help the face mask fit well on the wearer’s face well, hight-quality ear loop can be easily weld on the masks by ultrasonic ear loop welding machines, with limit to non blocking situations.

Check how we validate the Max. elongation test quality of ear loop in the video below, more related tests like ear loop PH test, ear loop formaldehyde test, please contact us.


Ear loop is welded on each side of medical masks, to make it easy and comfort to wear and meanwhile, to provide sufficient strength to tight the mask on the wearer’s face for better protection purpose.

Ear loop for medical face masks is usually made of elastic material, so ear loop is also called elastic ear loop, elastic earloop.

Ear loop specifications

Product name: Round Mask Ear Loop
Width and length: 3mm, 770 m/kg
Material: Spandex / Nylon
Colour: White

Produce the ear loop with the efficiency in mind

The ear loop TESTEX offers is placed and packaged at a special way: helping you save two extra labor for your automatic ear loop welding machine, because other ear loop you buy in the market (like ear loop in bags or rolls, or ear loop not having proper tension property) are likely to get twisted together, result in blocking your production, make it hard to get the max. capacity of the ear loop welding machine.

Ear Loop Manufacturing Process - swing into box

Swing Ear Loop Into Carton Box

TESTEX’s elastic ear loop adopts a “swing placement” process after the ear loop be braided from the previous process.

TESTEX Ear Loop Features vs Others

  Smooth feeding Labor occupied Impact on getting max. day capacity
Ear loop TESTEX offer Very smooth 0 No impact, Full Capacity
Ear loop in the market Often twisted to stop the production 2 Huge impact, Hours wasted to smooth the earloop
Ear loop 3 types

Ear loop made to be used efficiently, instead of blocking the production

Check how smooth our elastic ear loop is feeding to the automatic ultrasonic ear loop welding machine, smoother the process is, the more time you can save for the real production yield, ear loop quality support this smooth long-time production.

Check the right way we pack the elastic ear loop

Good protection of the ear loop is a must considering the time and environment of transportation, we want you to open the box and find out the ear loop is as good as we package at our side. Don’t risk to choose other ear loop package solution like ear loop twisted in bags or rolls.

For more ear loop information, like ear loop price, ear loop lead time, Leave a message below, our sales engineer will contact you ASAP.

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