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Automatic Mask Packing Machine APM10

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Automatic mask packing machine is used to package the masks with film automatically, can pack 1 pcs per bag or 10 pcs per bag each time, design to work with the automatic mask production line efficiently.

This automatic mask packing machine and the APL110 mask production line is a solid solution for fully automatic mask production, help you save the labor cost and increase the daily output.

APL110 Mask Production Line


Automatic mask packing machine, automatic mask packaging machine, designed and built for increasing the mask packing efficiency after masks are produced.

The mask packing machine consists of two major units, the conveyor and the main film welding part.

Mask packing machine working process

The masks produced by the automatic mask production line will be distributed to the mask packing machine conveyor, then be delivered, wrapped with mask packing film (printed or transparent), and be sealed in the main film welding device.

TESTEX Mask Machine Introduced to Greece Minister

Mask packing machine specifications

Capacity30 ~ 120 Pcs / min (1 pcs or 10 pcs per bag)
Film specifications & types supportedWidth:140 ~ 320 mm, Thickness:0.03 mm (e.g. 260 mm for standard adults mask ), PP/PE/PS/OPP
Final bag dimensionLength: 60 ~ 450 mm, adjustable (e.g. 210 mm) Width: 40 ~ 120 mm, adjustable (e.g. 105 mm) Height: not defined, (e.g. 1 pcs or 10 pcs per bag)
Power220 V, 50 Hz, 7.25 Kw
Machine size & weight4100 x 960 x 1370 mm, 450 Kg
Packaging info.Two cases, total 570 Kg (Main machine: 1900 x 1070 x 1550 mm, 423 Kg; Conveyor: 2900 x 750 x 490 mm, 147 Kg)

APM10 mask packing machine features: concerning efficiency, quality, and usability

temperature control sensor mask packing machine

Smart Temp. Control

Easy to set, and high-accuracy sensor brings precise temp. control, which is vital for film welding strength and consistency.

Good UX Design

Intuitive touch screen panel, with rich clear instructions and illustrations, easy to adjust parameters if needed.

APM10 ux screen
APM mask packing machine control features

Fully integrated with APL110

Brings you associated control experience, and no affecting the full capacity of the APL110, One action triggered, Two lines actioned, Full capacity of 110 pcs/min.

TESTEX Mask Machine Customer Testimonials

APM10 Mask Packing Machine FAQs

Can I buy this APM10 mask packing machine alone?

NO, to maximize the capacity of this automatic mask packing machine, we suggest you buy with the APL110 automatic mask production line since the packing machine and the mask production line need to be commissioned to work together.

How many pcs of masks can be packaged into one bag?

1 pcs or 10 pcs per bag, this should be confirmed with our sales engineers when you placed the order.

Does this mask packing machine easy to use?

Yes, our engineers have commissioned the machines ready for your automatic mask production and packing process. 4 ~ 5 hours of installation, you are ready to go.

For more questions about this APM10 automatic mask packing machine, please contact us.

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