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Mask Production Machine APL250

Materials In, Masks Out In One Set of Machine ONLY!

No More Earloop Welding Machines

Stable Producing Completed Masks 250 Pcs/min FULLY Automatic

APL250 Specifications


Capacity:250 Pcs/min(Stable Speed)


Max. material roll dia.:  840 mm

Nonwoven spunbond width:175mm or 195mm

Meltblown width:175mm

Earband material width:175mm or 195mm

APL250 Mask Production Machine Features

1.Performance Features: the biggest advantage is one-process forming, do not need ear loop welding machine to save labor costs, materials to finished in one set of machine

2.Fast and efficient: 250 masks per minute(Stable running)

3.Convenient and intuitive to use: user-friendly design, self-adjustment system producing qualified masks

4.Quality: Sufficient testing before stability before delivery

5.Warranty: Main units, utrasonic half-year warranty(details please quote our sales engineer)


APL250 Mask Production Machine Structure

apl260 mask machine structure & production flow

Mask Production Machine APL250 Application

Mask Production Machine APL250 mainly consists of three parts.

They are mask body & elastic band one-process forming machine, masks distribution machine, and masks packing machine.

Unlike Automatic Mask Making Machine APL110, it does not require earloop welding machines and uses elastic ear bands instead.

Using elastic ear bands instead of traditional earloops saves costs and improves production efficiency. At the same time, the comfort of wearing is improved, and it is more suitable for long-term wearing.


Face Mask Making Machine Mentioned by Greece Minister

Mask body & elastic band one-process forming machine

Differs to traditional earloop type mask making machine, this one-process mask forming machine get rid of earloops, and use elastic band, thus to integrate the two seperating process into one, which increase the production efficiency by 2.4 times, the masks produced are also much comfortable for long time wearing.

Capacity:300 ~ 350 Pcs/min

Power:220V,4Kw, 18A


Size:450 × 115 × 160 CM (LxWxH)

Max. material roll dia.: 840 mm

Nonwoven spunbond width:175mm or 195mm

Meltblown width:175mm

Earband material width:175mm or 195mm

Mask Production Machine APL250 - Testex

Masks distribution machine

Featured in high-performance dispatching capacity, support count setting, used as both a bridge and a diversion between mask forming machine and mask packing machine.

Capacity:200 ~ 300 Pcs/min(dispatching speed)

Power:220V,2.2Kw, 10A


Size:85× 132 × 120CM (LxWxH)

Masks packing machine

PLC controlled packing system, easy to set up, featured in servo motor film driving system, precise positioning and solid sealing.

Capacity:250 Pcs/min(5~30 meters/min) – 2 sets

Material Roll dia. :320mm (Max.)

Package width range: 40 ~ 160 mm

Package height: 10 pcs of mask per bag

Power:220V,1Kw, 4A


Size:388 × 72 × 145 CM (LxWxH)


APL250 Mask Production Machine Vs APL110 Earloop Mask Production Machine

 APL250 We offer
APL110 We offer
ROI3 Times returns over earloop type mask machines:
1. One set machine cost: 30% less than 2 sets of earloop mask machine line
2. Earband cloth materials cost: much less than earloops
3. Downtime risk due to earloops blocking issues: NONE
Capacity(Stable performance)250pcs/min110 pcs/min
How many earloop welding machines in one line?*
No earloop welding machines needed1 Set to achieve standard capactity
Can make Adults and Children masks in one machine?Yes ONE BUTTON SHIFT Built and tested for adults
Need stop to adjust
Machine structure design
One machine structure(mask body + mask band) 1 set;
Masks distribution machine(dispatch masks to mask packaging machine) 1 set;
Mask packing machine 2 sets
1+1 model design
Mask body machine 1 set;
Mask earloop welding machine 1 set;
Mask Packing machine 1set.
Raw Materials
Meltblown filter fabric rolls
Nonwoven inner layer rolls
Nonwoven outer layer rolls
Earband elastic layer rolls
Nose clip bar rolls

Meltblown filter fabric rolls
Nonwoven inner layer rolls
Nonwoven outer layer rolls
Nose clip bar rolls
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