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Handpress-Probenschneider TF516

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Der Probenschneider mit Handpressung wird häufig zum Schneiden von Proben wie Textilien, Teppichen, Leder, Aluminiumfolienmembranen, Kunststoff, Styropor, Papier und fortschrittlichen Kohlefaser-Verbundwerkstoffen verwendet. TESTEX ist ein bekannter Prüfmaschinenhersteller in der Branche und verkauft seine Produkte derzeit in mehr als 60 Länder und Regionen weltweit. Willkommen, um weitere Informationen über den Handpressprobenschneider anzufordern




Hand Pressing Sample Cutter is widely used to cut samples of a variety of materials such as textiles, carpets, leather, aluminum foil membrane, plastic, styrofoam, paper, and advanced carbon fiber composite materials.

The instrument is simpler and smaller. Besides, the hand-pressing sample cutter can quickly and accurately cut the standard area of about 100 square centimeters. Moreover, even women with relatively small strength can easily operate. That is to say, the work efficiency is greatly high.


Easy cutting and labor-saving operation.

Available to cut several layers at one time.

Fashionable appearance and simple operation.


  • Schnittfläche: 100 cm2
  • Probendicke: 1-10 mm


10 kg


360 x 260 x 600 mm (L x B x H)

Instructions on instrument use

1 The children under 18 years old have no permission to use the machine.

2 The machine should be placed on a firm, flat and well-operated desktop with a proper height.

3 The tester should pay attention to whether the fabric or paper is flat or not after placing it at a fixed point.

4 when cutting grade fabrics, please face down the suede. By doing so, the cutting efficiency can be better.

5 Before cutting, confirm that there are no items other than fabric and paper or your own hands below the tool.

6 The machine is forbidden to be used by more than 2 people at the same time in order to avoid accidents of cutting hands.

7 We should adjust the machine to the appropriate position. Therefore, do not adjust it without permission to avoid insufficient accuracy.

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  1. Darell Robinson -

    Der Probenschneider ist sehr schön.

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1 Place the machine on a flat and hard tabletop

2 Place the PVC pad in the center of the machine chassis

3 Place the textile fabric or paper to be picked up flat on the PVC pad

4 Gently press down the operating lever and then release it with a gentle power

5 Complete the sampling

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