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Classification of Textile Fibres | Textile Fibres like Natural, Manmade, Miscell

Various types of textile fibres are found in all over the world. A Classification of Textle Fibres are given below:

1. Natural Fibre of Textile.
A) Vegetable Origin:
a) Bast Fibres like Jute, Flax, Hemp, Kenaf, Sunn, Urena, and Nettle.
b) Seed & Fruit fibres like Coir, Cotton.
c) Leaf Fibres like Sisal, Manila.
B) Animal Origin:
a) Wool and Hair Fibres,
b) Silk and other filaments.
C) Mineral Origin: Asbestos.

2. Man-made Fibre/ Chemical Fibre/ Artificial Fibre:
A) Natural Polymer Based.
a) Cellulose
b) Cellulose Ester
c) Protein
d) Miscellaneous.
B) Synthetic Polymer Based.
a) Polyamides
b) Polyesters fibres
c) Polyelofins
d) Poly-urethanes
e) Polyvinyl Derivatives like Poly-acrylonitrile (PAN), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyvinylidence Chloride
C) Miscellaneous.

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