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Canada Customer Visit in September

We have recently met with a special guest and customer, Charles Liang, who represents JYSK Canada one of the world’s fastest growing home furnishing retailers.

Having studied and evaluated all available product brands in the market, JYSK Canada has decided to select TESTEX’s product and service. Particularly 45-degree flammability tester has been chosen to facilitate their quality assurance and compliance program, where over 2500 textile product items are subjected to the safety test to comply with Health Canada’s strict product safety regulation. TESTEX is proud of its 45-degree Flammability tester (or test equipment) taking such important role in the program.

Our account manager Vivian and Lab engineers spent a whole afternoon with Mr. Liang introducing our products, service, training and cooperate culture as well. Mr. Liang is impressed with TESTEX’ path, success and more so for our commitment of offering our customers with the finest quality products and supervisor technical support.

“…….I think you have achieved great success bur are still very humble, I feel very honored if my advice is helpful, I am very happy to get to know you.”

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