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Biggest Mistake to Avoid When Buying Mask Machines

Common mistakes made when buying mask machines:

  • Make the decision based on the 3 minutes long well-edited video
  • Do the equation: Good accessories = Good machines

Since the pandemic, buying mask machines online is like a gamble, the biggest problem is:

You buy not what you see.


Why you can not rely on brochures and videos, when valuing the quality?

In most the case, the video you see is designed and edited to convince you of the machine’s performance, the stability, the high speed, the smooth production process… or anything that concerns you and will convince you to make the payment, so everything has to be looking perfect.

If you count on verifying the quality through one or two videos,  that’s too risky.


The solution?

You need to figure out a way in which the seller has zero chance to hide the tricks, to present you the real situation of the mask machine is, a webninar is the only answer!


The bottom line: Before you make the decision, check whether the supplier can arrange a one-hour webinar for the mask machines you want to buy or if you have someone in China who can check the quality on-site.


Why one hour?

For real mask production, due to the limit mount of the mask materials rolls, you have to load the new materials in every 40 to 50 minutes, so one hour can give a solid picture of the mask machine’s quality.


What to expect?

Your one-hour webinar requirement will be rejected most likely, with the reply like: we do not have enough mask materials in stock, our schedule is tight, we do not have time for the webinar or other excuses…

However, the only reason they reject you is simple:



It has to be someone who can

Proudly, We can, TESTEX mask machines can,

Contact us now for one hour webinar of the mask machines like this one.

Schedule a Livestream Today

Seeing is believing: the true-reliable production line, a top-selling product to 27 countries worldwide.


Further more, in the recent mask machine exhibition at Dongguan China, Only the TESTEX mask machine is displayed at the highest speed during the two days exhibition. You can check this report for more details.

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