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Velcro Tester TF151

Velcro Tester, to determine the capability of Velcro used for shoes, garments, etc. Velcro Tester complies with ISO 222776, SATRA TM 123, DIN-3415, etc. Please contact us for more information about Velcro strength test.


Velcro Tester, to determine the capability of Velcro used for shoes, garments, etc.
Cut the specimen 540mm by 20 or 50mm in dimension from the sample being tested into the wheel of Velcro tester to be fitted completely. To subject Velcro (hook & loop) to repeated stripping and peeling for a certain number of times. Use tensile machine (another purchase) to measure its peeling strength (AS) and shear strength (PA) after this test.


  • PLC closed-loop controller controlled. AC servomotor ensures accurate and durable running.
  • Rigid construction and advanced AC servomotor ensures quiet running.
  • Transparent plastic cover ensures safe and convenient operating.


  • Upper Roller: Dia. 162+/- 0.5 mm, 70 mm in width
  • Lower Roller: Dia. 160+/- 0.5 mm, 70 mm in width
  • Roller Speed: 60+/-5 r/min
  • Load: 1+/-0.1 N/mm
  • Number of test cycles: 5,000
  • Counter: LCD display, 1- 9, 999 times, adjustable


105 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz3 A


Width:540 mmLength:450 mmHeight;550 mm


BS EN ISO 222776SATRA TM 123DIN 3415

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Q:Wondering what the cost for a machine shipped to New York would be?

A:Please see attached costing.


Q:What is the lead time of getting a machine?

A:30 working days


Q:Is there a limit to the number of repeat cycles the machine can run?

A:The cycles is adjustable, it can be up to 9,999, is it enough for you? it can stop automatically when it reach the cycles you set.

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