Sweating Guarded Hotplate
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Sweating Guarded Hotplate TF129

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Sweating Guarded Hotplate is the most professional, stable and advanced Thermal and Evaporative Resistance test instrument in the world.


Sweating Guarded Hotplate is the most professional, stable and advanced Thermal and Evaporative Resistance test instrument in the world.

Human skin simulation test plate, automatic water supply system, wind speed stabilization system, test host and climate chamber are completely separated design. Automatically adjust the height of the hotplate according to the thickness of the test sample, ensure the wind sensor is 15mm above the hotplate.

A Windows based software is offered. The main machine inside the chamber is connected with the software by Wi-Fi, so operators may control and monitor the testing in the office.

An advanced Temperature & Humidity Chamber is offered with the machine.


  • (RCT)Thermal resistance range             0.002-2 .0 m²K / W
  • Repeatability                                              ≤ ± 2%
  • Resolution                                                   0.0001m²K / W
  • (Ret) evaporative Resistance range       0-1000m²Pa / W
  • Repeatability                                              ≤ ± 2%
  • Resolution                                                   0.001m²· Pa / W
  • Test plate temperature range                  30 oC ~ 40 oC adjustable
  • Temperature control accuracy                ± 0.03 oC
  • Temperature measurement                     ± 0.01 oC
  • Air velocity                                                   0 ~ 1.2 m / s, adjustable
  • Air velocity accuracy                                  ± 1%
  • The sample platform lifts range              0~50mm automatic lift
  • Sample thickness                                        0~50mm
  • Test plate area                                             254mm x 254mm
  • Guard ring size                                            512mm x 512mm
  • Guard ring width                                         127mm


600 kg


110V/220V50 Hz


1600 × 1300 ×1800 mm (L × W × H)


ISO 11092ASTM F1868ASTM D1518GB/T 11048
JIS L1096-2010


What Factors Should You Pay Attention to When Determining Heat Insulation?

1. The main area of the sample has a great impact on the sample results. Generally, the sample area should be slightly larger than that of the test plate (for example, 25 * 25cm for the test plate and 30m * 30m for the sample).
2. The sample should be natural, lay flat and be smooth, and also have full contact with the test plate. There can not be any gaps or holes in the opposite side of the sample or the test plate.
3. The temperature of the test board and the protection board (surrounding all areas including at the bottom) must be consistent with each other. Otherwise, heat will be transferred to each other, so that the measured heat dissipation (heating capacity) of the test board can not accurately represent the heat dissipation of the sample. The temperature at the end of the heating time should be the one you should use.
4. You must preheat the sample before doing anything else in order to form a stable internal heat transfer system. Measured after the test was stable heat dissipation as a measure of the degree of insulation. General fabric used for preheating can be heated for up to 30min. Thick solid material that is very fluffy, such as flakes, blankets, etc. can be heated longer.
5. Starting and ending the test should be carefully controlled to ensure utmost accuracy. Though these are boring moments, at least make sure that the test has more than five heating cycles.
6. Each boot only needs to be measured once (for both the boot test or midway test), but midway test cannot be rebooted – it should be retested.

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Q: Does the chamber have the option – control humidity?

A: No, it is not equipped with this option.


Q: At what humidity ranges is the machine able to run?

A: The machine is not equipped with control humidity, but Temperature & Humidity Chamber can meet your needs, with its humidity range of 25%~85% R.H.


Q: What advantages does the machine have?

A: 1. It can contact with WIFI.

  1. The thermal resistance and Temperature & Humidity Chamber can be used separately. And other suppliers combine the two machines into one. They must be used together.
  2. Our Temperature & Humidity Chamber is made by a professional factory, which is more accurate. The ITS (Intertek testing service) bought this machine from a famous company, whose price is triple than ours. The test results from this machine are not precise because the machine is made by the company himself. Finally, he turned to us and bought a new one. We only do what we are good at.

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    Fanny Windsor

    The guarded hot plate apparatus price is reasonable and help us a lot.Recommend !

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Kyle Thompson

    That is very stable, and I like to communicate with professional staff like Lily.

    • testextextile

      Thanks. All staffs in TESTEX are professional.

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