Complex Strength Zipper Tester
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Complex Strength Zipper Tester TF149

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Complex Strength Zipper Tester, used for testing zipper strength of parallel drawing, up-and-down pulling resistance, self-locking, tail-opened pulling, outlet shifting, association of zip head and chips,and the strength of polyester silk and zipper ribbons, etc. Complex Strength Zipper Tester complies with BS 3084, ASTM F964, QB/T2171, etc.


Zipper Strength Tester, used for testing zipper strength or zipper fatigue test for puller attachment, closed-end, top stop, open-end fastener box, slider locking device.

Also tests lateral strength of fastener, the open-end attachment, and test of open-end fastener single stringer slider retention.


  • Provided with 7 sets of fixtures/grips for complete zipper tests
  • PC control and specified Zipper Strength Tester software via high speed RS232
  • Drawing and displaying real-time force/displacement curve, force/time curve, etc. during test
  • Quality AC servo motor drives quality ball screw
  • Working pattern The constant rate of elongation (CRE) principle,micro  computer controlling, testing report printing
  • load 250KgF (2500N).
  • Testing range  1%~100% of the full range
  • Testing accuracy ≤±0.2%F·S
  • Sample frequency 2000 times / second
  • Tensile speed 1-1000mm/min digital speed, error ≤±2%
  • Instrument 600mm
  • Output types          Displaying output, printing output.


80 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz


Width:630 mmDepth:500 mmHeight:1200 mm
25 inch20 inch48 inch


BS 3084ASTM F964QB/T 2171QB/T 2172
QB/T 2173

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