Complex Strength Zipper Tester
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Complex Strength Zipper Tester TF149

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Complex Strength Zipper Tester, used for testing zipper strength of parallel drawing, up-and-down pulling resistance, self-locking, tail-opened pulling, outlet shifting, association of zip head and chips,and the strength of polyester silk and zipper ribbons, etc. Complex Strength Zipper Tester complies with BS 3084, ASTM F964, QB/T2171, etc.


Zipper Strength Tester, used for testing zipper strength or zipper fatigue test for puller attachment, closed-end, top stop, open-end fastener box, slider locking device.

Also tests lateral strength of fastener, the open-end attachment, and test of open-end fastener single stringer slider retention.


  • Provided with 7 sets of fixtures/grips for complete zipper tests
  • PC control and specified Zipper Strength Tester software via high speed RS232
  • Drawing and displaying real-time force/displacement curve, force/time curve, etc. during test
  • Quality AC servo motor drives quality ball screw
  • Working pattern The constant rate of elongation (CRE) principle,micro  computer controlling, testing report printing
  • load 250KgF (2500N).
  • Testing range  1%~100% of the full range
  • Testing accuracy ≤±0.2%F·S
  • Sample frequency 2000 times / second
  • Tensile speed 1-1000mm/min digital speed, error ≤±2%
  • Instrument 600mm
  • Output types          Displaying output, printing output.


80 kg


220/110 V 50/60 Hz


Width:630 mm Depth:500 mm Height:1200 mm
25 inch 20 inch 48 inch


BS 3084ASTM F964QB/T 2171QB/T 2172
QB/T 2173

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What’s the Strength of the Zipper?

According to the difference of the zipper force, the zipper strength mainly includes the following:

  1. The transverse tension of the zipper refers to a certain speed force that the zipper resists to in a vertical direction under an occlusal state.
  2. The tension at the top of the zipper, also known as the tensile strength of the top stop, refers to the strength of the buckle at the top of the zipper in an occlusal
  3. The tension at the bottom of the zipper, also known as the tensile strength of the bottom stop, refers to the resistance of the bottom stop and the resistance of the teeth inside the slider when the buckle is pulled to the bottom.
  4. The horizontal tension at the bottom of the zipper, that is, the tensile strength of the opening part of the zipper’s lower end.
  5. The locking strength of the slider, which refers to the teeth resistance in the pull head when the buckle is locked in the middle of the zipper.
  6. The comprehensive strength of the pull head.

What is a Zipper Strength Tester

The zipper is subjected to the pull from all directions during the use, which requires a certain strength of the zipper. The zipper strength tester is used to detect the zipper strength when the zipper is reciprocating under transverse and longitudinal tension in the instrument. During the test, the tester drives the zipper at a constant speed and moves 30 times per minute until the specified number of times is completed, and observes the degree of damage to the zipper.

Test Method for Zipper Strength

Since zipper strength includes many aspects, the test steps of zipper tensile strength and self-locking strength are briefly described in this post, taking BS 3084 and QB / T2171 as examples.

Tensile strength test steps: adjust the position of the claw, make the slider stuck in the claw. Adjust the claw to a reasonable position, start the test device and start testing until the pull head is out of shape to 0.5mm. Record the test value at this point, indicating the tensile strength of the pull head.

Test steps of locking strength: take a sample of zipper with self-locking pull head whose length is larger than 100mm, pull the pull head to the middle position, separate two sides of zipper chain band separately on the upper and lower clamps, the distance of the fixture is about 75mm, start the tester until the pull head slips or zipper breaks, the strength value at this point refers to the pull head locking strength.

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