Carpet Flammability Tester
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Carpet Flammability Tester TF317

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Carpet Flammability Tester, to test the effects of a small source of ignition on floor-coverings.The Carpet Flammability Tester complies with hot metal nut test(BS 4790) and the methenamine tablet test. Carpet Flammability Tester complies with ISO 6925, BS 6307, etc.


Carpet Flammability tester is used to test the effects of a small source of ignition on floorcoverings. Carpet flammability tester can be used for either Hot metal nut test (BS 4790) and Methenamine tablet test (ISO 6925, BS 6307 and GB/T 11049)

  • Carpet burn tester Test methods (Hot metal nut method, BS 4790)

The stainless steel nut is heated to 900¡æ in a muffle furnace, place specimen on the bottom of the test chamber and the clamping ring is placed on the specimen, use crucible tongs to place the heated nut in the center of the ring, remove the nut in 30s and a measurement of spreading of the ignition on the sample is made to evaluate the flammability of carpet.

  • Carpet Flammability tester Test methods (Methenamine tablet method, ISO 6925, BS 6307)

Place the conditioned specimen on the removable base inside the test chamber and the metal plate with a circular cut-out is placed on the specimen, the tablet is placed at the centre of the specimen and ignited. After the flame has extinguished, measurements are made to assess the effect on the carpet.


  • Complete with measuring grid and clamping ring
  • Sliding panel for ease access
  • Angled mirror for convenient viewing
  • Applicable to 2 different tests
  • Enclosed unit for optimum safety

Optional order

  • Muffle furnace
  • M16 nut
  • Methanamine tablets


40 kg


Width:500 mmDepth:500 mmHeight:850 mm
20 inch20 inch34 inch


BS 4790BS 6307ISO 6925CFR 1630
CFR 1631GB/T 11049CPAI 84CGSB standard 4-GP-2

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    Jennifer O’Neil

    The machine came everything works! satisfied with the purchase! all neatly packaged. I recommend!

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    Evan Finger

    The carpet flammability tester works well. Deserves the price!

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    Xanthe Bright

    The machine helps a lot in flammability test. We will buy other products in this excellent company in the future.

    • testextextile

      Thanks for your trust. We will keep striving to manufacture better machines for customers.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joanne Gunther

    Little cute machine with competitive price and good performance!

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