Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester
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Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C

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Single Yarn Strength Tester,to determine breaking strength and elongation of single cotton, wool and other yarns up to 50 N. Yarn Strength Tester complies with ASTM D2256, ISO2062, GB/T14344,etc. Please contact us for more information about yarn strength testing methods.


Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester, to determine the breaking strength and elongation rate of single yarn made of cotton, wool and others up to 6000cN, with air-driven clamps. Fully automatically test up to 20 cops at the same time.


  • Working pattern is CRE principle, controlled by software running in computer
  • Automatic feeding of yarn, and automatic clamping for test, fast and without damages to yarn
  • Fitted with Waste yarn collecting device, to make labs clean
  • Test up to 20 cops at the same time
  • Software is offered thus the machine can be controlled by a computer. The built-in printer or an additional printer can print test reports.


  • Test range 20cN ~ 6000cN
  • Accuracy ≤ 1% F. S
  • Sampling range 0 ~ 9m
  • Pre-tension load 0 ~ 100cN, adjustable
  • Elongation range 800mm
  • Gauge length 250mm (stretching rate 220%),
    500mm (stretching rate 160%)
  • Tensile speed 50 ~ 5000mm/min, adjustable


140 kg


220 V50 Hz0.4~0.8 mPa


Width:450 mmDepth:550 mmHeight:1600 mm
18 inch22 inch64 inch


ASTM D2256ISO 2062GB/T 398GB 5324

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Factors Affecting Yarn Strength

  1. Definition of yarn strength

“Yarn strength” indicates the amount of tensile load the yarn can withstand. It is classified as absolute yarn strength and relative yarn strength. Relative yarn strength is used when comparing the strength of a yarn with respect to another one.

  1. Factors affecting yarn strength
  • Spinning Method

Different spinning method results in different structure of the yarn, which yields significant yarn strength differences.

  • Blending Ratio

For two-component yarns, when the composition of one material increases, yarn strength generally decreases. This trend continues until the lowest yarn strength is reached with the increasing composition of that certain material and will begin to rise if the increase in the composition of that material continues.

  • Yarn Structure

Yarns with high radial fiber migration that is distributed evenly tend to have higher yarn strength; With layered fiber distribution that involves a lot of kinking and hooking will tend to have lower yarn strength.

  • Fiber Properties

The strength of yarn increases along with stronger fiber that has lower linear density and greater length.

The higher the air temperature of the environment, the lower the yarn strength; The higher the relative air humidity, the higher the moisture regain of the yarn. This results in the increase in the strengths of cotton and ramie yarn and the decrease in strengths of woolen and synthetic(or artificial) fiber yarns.


Leave an inquiry for instruments, methods or any information.

We usually respond within 12 hours, or faster.

Q: What is single yarn strength and elongation?

A: Tensile testing of yarns is used to determine the breaking force, elongation, and toughness properties of the yarn. Breaking tenacity, a ratio of the breaking force to yarn linear density is also a common property for evaluating the strength of a yarn material and for comparison and validation purposes. Tensile testing of yarn to determine properties such as breaking strength and elongation includes the use of a tensile testing machine and unique grips to hold the yarn.


Q: What is single yarn strength calculation?

A:  Click here for more:

Tmax  =  50 – L + f / 9

Where L – 50% span length

f- Fibre fineness



7 reviews for Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C

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    What is the price of this machine?

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    The yarn strength tester exactly what i looking for.Thanks manufacturer!

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