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Auto Air Permeability Tester TF164E

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Auto Air Permeability Tester is used to determine the air permeability of fabric totally automatically. Auto Air Permeability Tester complies with ASTM D737, ISO 9237/7231, BS 5636, etc. Contact us for more air permeability test procedure.


Auto Air Permeability Tester, is used to determine the air permeability of fabric totally automatically. With its wide measuring range, it is suitable for all kinds of knitted, woven, non-woven, coated fabrics, paper, film, leather, etc.

A test sample is placed on the clamping head, parameters of test are set on the windows based software on the computer connected with machine. By pressing down the upper clamping arm the system automatically starts, the system automatically adjusts machine and shift nozzles if required, after a few seconds the test results are then displayed and excel report is generated.


  • units can be shift     mm/s, cfm, cm3/cm2/s, l/m2/s, l/dm2/min,m3/m2/min, m3/m2/h and dm3/s
  • Test Heads     5cm2, 20cm2(standard), 50cm2, 100cm2 and 50mm (, 70mm (
  • Test pressure     10~ 2,500 Pa
  • Max thickness of specimen 0~10mm
  • Measuring accuracy     <+/-2%

Optional test heads   

5cm2, 25cm2, 50cm2, 100cm2


110 kg


220/110 V50/60 Hz


Width:400 mmDepth:920 mmHeight:1200 mm
16 inch37 inch48 inch


ASTM D737ISO 9237ISO 7231BS 5636
JIS L 1096ADIN 53887EDANA 140.1AFNOR G07-111
TAPPI T251GB/T 5453GB/T13764

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Q: What is air permeability definition?

A: The air permeability of a fabric is a measure of how well it allows the passage of air through it. The ease or otherwise of passage of air is of importance for a number of fabric end uses such as industrial filters, tents, sailcloths, parachutes, raincoat materials, shirtings, downproof fabrics and airbags.

Air permeability is defined as the volume of air in millilitres which is passed in one second through 10Os mm2 of the fabric at a pressure difference of 10mm head of water.


Q: What is air permeability test for fabric?

A: In the British Standard test the airflow through a given area of fabric is measured at a constant pressure drop across the fabric of 10mm head of water. The specimen is clamped over the air inlet of the apparatus with the use of rubber gaskets and air is sucked through it by means of a pump as shown in Fig.A. The air valve is adjusted to give a pressure drop across the fabric of 10mm head of water and the air flow is then measured using a flow meter.

air permeability test

Fig(A) : The air permeability test (click here for more)


Q: What is unit of air permeability of fabric?

A: The formula is as follows:
K (gas) = Q / (ΔP × A)
Where: K( gas) – air permeability, m ^ 3 / m ^ 2 · KPa · h;
Q – gas flow, m ^ 3 / h;
ΔP – gas through the porous material produced by the pressure drop, KPa;
A – area of the sample’s test area, m ^ 2


Q: What is air permeability test procedure?

A: 1. Test the conditioned specimens in the standard atmosphere for testing textiles, which is 21 +/- 1°C (70 +/- 2°F) and 65 +/- 2 % relative humidity, unless otherwise specified in a material specification or contract order.

2. Handle the test specimens carefully to avoid altering the natural state of the material.
3. Place each test specimen onto the test head of the test instrument, and perform the test as specified in the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

3.1 Place coated test specimens with the coated side down (towards low pressure side) to minimize edge leakage.


4. Make tests at the water pressure differential specified in a material specification or contract order. In the absence of a material specification or contract order, use a water pressure differential of 125 Pa (12.7 mm or 0.5 in. of water).


5. Read and record the individual test results in SI units as cm^3/s/cm^2 and in inch-pound units as ft^3/min/ft^2 rounded to three significant digits.
5.1 For special applications, the total edge leakage underneath and through the test specimen may be measured in a separate test, with the test specimen covered by an airtight cover, and subtracted from the original test result to obtain the effective air permeability.


6. Remove the tested specimen and continue as directed in 10.3-10.5 until ten specimens have been tested for each laboratory sampling unit.
6.1 When a 95 % confidence level for results has been agreed upon in a material specification or contract order, fewer test specimens may be sufficient. In any event, the number of tests should be at least four.



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